Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Feeling Secure Yet?

The state might be committing assisted suicide but it is out to save the world. Do you feel the love?

"The Israeli government is embarking on an effort to develop an AIDS vaccine using patented biological material in the state's possession. "

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Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Jewish Haiku :)

"After the warm rain, the sweet smell of camellias: Did you wipe your feet?
Her lips near my ear, bubbeh whispers the name of her friend's disease.
Looking for pink buds to prune, the old mohel wanders among his flowers.
Scrabble discord: Someone has placed "putzhead" on a triple word score.
Testing the warm milk on her wrist, she sighs softly. But her son is forty.
Tea ceremony: fragrant steam perfumes the air. Try the cheese Danish.
Lacking fins or tail, the gefilte fish swims with great difficulty.
My nature journal: Today I saw some trees and birds. I should know the names?
Like a bonsai tree, your terrible posture at my dinner table.
The same kimono the top geishas are wearing, got it at John Lewis.
The sparrow brings too many worms for her young. 'Force yourself,' she chirps.
Jewish triathlon: gin rummy, then contract bridge, followed by a nap.
Umbilical cord: 'Can't you just leave it?' the new Jewish mother asks.
The shivah visit: So sorry about your loss. Now back to my problems.
Our youngest daughter, our most precious jewel. Hence the name, Tiffany.
Concert of car horns as we debate the question of when to change lanes.
Sorry I'm not home to take your call. At the tone please state your bad news.
Is one Nobel Prize so much to ask from a child after all I've done?
Today, mild shvitzing. Tomorrow, so hot you'll plotz. Five-day forecast: feh.
Left the door open for the Prophet Elijah. Now our cat is gone.
Yenta. Shmeer. Gevalt. Shlemiel. Shlimazl. Tochis. Oy! To be fluent!
A lovely nose ring -- excuse me while I put my head in the oven.
Hard to tell under the lights--white Yarmulke or male-pattern baldness? "

Free Cytryn

"A budding letter-writing campaign to Justice Minister Tzippy Livny is underway on behalf of an 18-year-old yeshiva student charged with attempting to murder an Arab rock-thrower. "

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Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Shimshon Cytryn Still in Jail

I believe it was July 6 which saw a staged "lynching" of an Arab youth in Gush Katif. All the media broadcast pictures of Jewish youth presumably attacking this Arab. But singled out for prosecution was eighteen-year-old Shimshon Cytryn, an Israeli-American, who has since been indicted for attempted murder.

The Israeli media ignored videos, pictures, and eyewitness accounts which contradicted the “lynch” story for over 10 days. Only after independent websites persisted in publishing that evidence did Ha'aretz finally print a retraction of its "lynch" story. Channel 2 TV interviewed the Arab victim and discredited the state’s contention that Shimshon tried to kill him.

Why is Cytryn in jail, why have the charges not been dropped?

Add your letter to the email campaign directed at Justice Minister Livni.

Here is her email address:

Text and Key Excerpts from Ungar

Full Text:


Key Excerpts:

"The defendants' position rests on a misunderstanding of the fundamental nature of this action. This is a tort suit brought under a legislative scheme that Congress enacted for the express purpose of providing a legal remedy for injuries or death occasioned by acts of international terrorism. The defendants are organizations that allegedly violated the statute. They have attempted to avoid liability by wrapping themselves in the cloak of sovereign immunity. The question we must answer, then, is whether the defendants have set forth sufficient evidence to support their claim of immunity -- no more and no less.

The defendants make a number of specific arguments, but these are largely derivative of their disagreement with the result reached by the district court. Their unhappiness is understandable, but legally irrelevant. The reality is that, in these tempestuous times, any decision of a United States court on matters relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will engender strong feelings. Be that as it may, the capacity to stir emotions is not enough to render an issue nonjusticiable. For jurisdictional purposes, courts must be careful to distinguish between political questions and cases having political overtones. See Klinghoffer, 937 F.2d at 49."

Moonbat Central: Political Indoctrination at Tel Aviv University

Studying "psychology" at Tel Aviv University could make you crazy. Beware the dangers and stay far away.

Moonbat Central � Blog Archive � Political Indoctrination at Tel Aviv University

EU Officials Not Welcome in Kiryat Arba

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

"( Activists of the "Breaking the Silence" organization are filing a police complaint, alleging Kiryat Arba residents attacked them and members of their contingent while they visited the area on Wednesday morning.

According to the Israeli activists, they were accompanying European Union officials who were attacked by area residents when they refused to comply with their demands that they leave the area.

Police were summoned to restore order. There are no reports of injuries."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

lgf: Palestinian Assets Frozen

DEBKAfile - Bailin's Geneva Stepping Stone to Top of Israeli Politics

This is an article going back to December 2003 and the Geneva celebration over the accords. It is good background material for my Column "More Democracy, Please!" which is posted just below.

"No Israeli TV channel aired the Geneva ceremony in full, merely selecting what appeared to the different reporters to be a balanced version. That is unfortunate. The Israeli electorate was entitled to a live, unexpurgated version of a political event of such importance. They would have seen for themselves how Palestinian representatives took over and dominated the occasion with strident diatribes against US President George Bush and Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon and warm praise for Yasser Arafat. One speaker after another, his back to the olive tree adorning the platform, accused Israel of practicing the same sort of apartheid as the white regime of South Africa, of directing cruel racialist policies against the Palestinian people and of building settlements and a separation wall to satisfy its siege mentality."

For the first time in Israel's 50 years as a state, therefore, an aspiring Israeli politician has embarked on a militant course to alienate Israel from its powerful, close historic partnership with the United States and replace it with European backing for himself as their Israeli spokesman and for his political aspirations. This is what the Geneva Accord and Bailin's close ties with Palestinian leaders are all about.

All the same, US secretary of state Colin Powell is willing to receive Europe's new Middle East protege in Washington later this week.
Most surprising of all is the absence of any response to the Geneva spectacle and its damaging implications for his own polices from prime minister Sharon's office. "

Read the whole thing here:

DEBKAfile - Bailin's Geneva Stepping Stone to Top of Israeli Politics:

Column: More Democracy, Please!

I was approached earlier this week by an activist in Tzfat who is putting together a petition calling for unity between all elements within the national and religious camp. He is planning a huge “Unity Concert” in Tzfat and seeks to get many leaders and rabbis to brainstorm on how to stop the assault on Israel that seems to have as its goal the principles laid out in the Geneva Accords – national suicide in exchange for snuggly European relations.

The next day I read about Benny Elon’s call for a nationalist bloc and it sounded like a good idea – it started to look like everyone was finally beginning to realize that the fate of Israel is at stake and that differences need to be set aside. Consciously or unconsciously, it seemed to me the threat of Geneva was being felt.

Those accords were drawn up without visible government participation (much as the Oslo Accords were) between far left former Justice Minister, Yossi Beilin and Abed Rabbo, long time close associate of Yasser Arafat and co-founder of DFLP -- which carried out a number of terrorist attacks against Israel in the 1970’s.

You may remember Rabbo from back in 2000, when during the negotiations between Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat at Camp David, Rabbo, then the Information Minister of the PA, made this statement: .

"Israelis will be naïve to think that Palestinians will accept establishing a state on the lands under full control by the PNA up till now in return for an open delay of final-status issues, especially the issues of Jerusalem, settlements and refugees. This belief is ridiculous; I don't know how they can think this way and believe that we can accept such a compromise; we made it clear that the state does not come until full withdrawal."

Geneva cured all of those problems and more for Rabbo. It’s Beilin’s dream; Javier Solano nurtured, endorses, and promotes it; and normal Israelis think it is dead and forgotten when it is not. In fact, it seems that it is very much alive as Sharon drags the country towards assisted suicide while at the same time greeting Solana in Jerusalem this week – the first visit following the expulsion by any foreign dignitary.

That’s life in Israel. You get to vote in an election and then wonder what the government, and not even the government, but ousted left wing politicians are cooking up with terrorists in a “peace plan” someplace in Europe. In the face of EU funding, endorsement and political leverage your vote and the vote of all your countrymen is worth zilch.

The Jewish Establishment even seems to endorse it. How else can one explain how Harold Tanner, the mysteriously selected new chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, had Solana give a keynote speech at the Transatlantic Institute -- a project of the American Jewish Committee where Tanner resided as president?

Further questions about the compass that guides the Jewish Establishment today are raised regarding the manner of Tanner’s selection to his new chair. While the Conference of Presidents vote to approve the nominating committee’s recommendation on Tanner found no dissenters, numerous members of the conference simply chose not to vote.

“Why should I vote?” Morton Klein, of the ZOA, asked. “I don’t know Harold Tanner, he never spoke to us, we never had a chance to review his qualifications. There’s something wrong with this process.”

It’s all a big mystery.

Strange that we have such problems all over in doing things democratically, which brings us back to Benny Elon and his call for unity in the national camp.

Paul Eidelberg bashed Elon in the August 29 edition of “The Eidelberg Report.”

“Please consider carefully. If “Disengagement”—I mean the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria—if Disengagement proved anything, it proved that MKs must be individually elected by the voters in regional elections. Just remember, two-thirds of the Likud MKs, who campaigned against Disengagement in 2003 voted for it in 2004!!!

Now, as my colleague Prof. Israel Hanukoglu has pointed out, if you commit a serious traffic violation, you may lose your drivers license for a year. Well, by signing the Sharon-designed coalition agreement after the 2003 election, and by remaining in the Sharon government, Elon—like Effie Eitam and other self-styled nationalists—committed a misdeed far worse than a serious traffic offense.

MKs like Elon should lose their political drivers license. We need new blood in the Knesset, and we need new political traffic laws, by which I mean new parliamentary electoral laws that make MKs and cabinet Ministers ACCOUNTABLE—I repeat, ACCOUNTABLE.”

More democracy, please!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Shadowy Hamas Terror Chief: Eradicate Israel.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The American Thinker: Unmasked

"This situation is exemplary (in a negative sense) of the corruption that is rife within seemingly 'neutral' and 'nonpartisan' groups. This is particularly true regarding international NGOs, think tanks such as the Middle East Institute (Saudi-financed), academic chairs such as those at Columbia University funded by anti-Semitic Arab individuals or governments, and soft-money groups here in America.
Unfortunately, too many in the mainstream media blithely accept advice and allegations from these NGO groups as gospel without realizing these views may be tainted and distorted by specific agendas of those supporting these groups. Perhaps, journalists just take the easy way out and place these opinions, from so-called experts, into their articles and op-eds because they choose not to do further research.
A web of charities, foundations, NGOs, think tanks, 'human rights' groups may have ostensibly different names and charters but they are a web of like-minded ideologues, who often have interlocking directorates and sup from the same ill-begotten pile of petrodollars. Groups like the Capital Research Center and (and now the NY Sun) have dedicated themselves to taking the extra steps to expose the truth behind the headlines.
Siegman has carried water for the Israel haters for years, with op ed pieces in major American newspapers. Much as the Palestinians, to use the words of Abba Eban, have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity to make peace (they have one more chance to do it again now), Siegman has never missed an opportunity to take a whack at Israel. No concession Israel could offer was enough, and no Palestinian behavior was ever criticized as part of the reason for the continuing conflict"

Full story:

The American Thinker:

ScrappleFace: Abbas to Sharon: Shut Israeli Home Depot Stores

by Scott Ott

"Now that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has forced the unilateral exodus of Jews from neighborhoods in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today it's time to take the next step on the road to peace.
'I call on Prime Minister Sharon to unilaterally close all of the Home Depot stores and similar establishments in Israel,' Mr. Abbas said. 'Home-building is the brutal weapon of Jewish extremism, and Palestine will not feel safe until this link in the extremist supply chain is cut.'
The Palestinian president noted that hardware stores and home centers provide Jewish extremists with their 'tools of terror' and that Palestinian children 'quake with fear every time they see a Jew brandishing a belt-sander.'
'Perhaps, when the savage suppliers of sheetrock and shingles have been shut down,' said Mr. Abbas, 'we might then talk about reducing the frequency of the suicide bombings that have served as highly-effective negotiating tools for Palestine.'"

ScrappleFace: Abbas to Sharon: Shut Israeli Home Depot Stores: "Abbas to Sharon: Shut Israeli Home Depot Stores

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Column: Time for Change

As the communities in the Northern Shomron are now being dismantled I can think of only one thing, Israel needs a completely new system of government. I wrote about this last week and have spent the whole week thinking about it, talking about it, blogging about it, discussing it with Professor Paul Eidelberg – the foremost proponent of constitutional representative democracy here – and posting comments on

Mark Levin, as some of you might know, has a radio program on 77WABC which deals with many issues but often focuses in on the Supreme Court and issues of judicial activism. I listen to it when I can but it’s on from 1:00 am to 3:00 am here so I usually miss it. I mentioned once before how I found while looking for an archive or homepage for Levin that would allow me to hear the broadcasts later on.

Levin’s book, “Men in Black,” is getting a thumbing from me. Aharon Barak and the Israeli High Court has been a subject that I discussed at fair length more than a year ago. I wrote a piece about how Robert Bork described Barak’s High Court as “judicial imperialism” to try and raise awareness over there of what is going on here in the judicial system. Well, this week I had the opportunity to do it again on MarkLevinFan (MLF) and I took it – and I also took the opportunity to introduce Paul Eidelberg there and his call for constitutional reform in Israel.

The opportunity came when Benyamin Netanyahu’s interview with Sean Hannity was posted as an audio link on MLF following the expulsion from Gush Katif.

Netanyahu spoke with Sean about the tremendous boon to terror that the expulsion will prove to be. Netanyahu stressed how Hamas would be strengthened and how with a new seaport we will witness the creation a terrorist beacon and training ground that will threaten not only Israel but the whole world.

Netanyahu was also interviewed on MSNBC and made some of the same points that he made on Sean Hannity. I quote from here instead of from Hannity’s show because the transcript for this interview is available, however, I would recommend the audio link on MLF.

Netanyahu said this in the MSNBC interview:

“Unfortunately, and probably for good intentions, we’re giving terror a reward which will result in bad consequences. Not only for us by the way, because I think Gaza could very well be, over the next couple of years, may turn out to be an invaluable base for terror, just as Lebanon used to be, because there is no government, and this I fully agree with our ambassador in Washington, you’re really going to see whether Abu Masin does anything to terrorists. He hasn’t lifted a finger, and I suspect he’s not going to lift a finger and the result will be far from advancing the cause of peace, which I fervently want, this will set peace back and set terror forward.”

My first comment on MLF was this:

“Good to finally hear something on Talk Radio that exposes the truth about the expulsion but why did it take so long? Did we have to wait till it was a done deal and hear it from last minute defector, Netanyahu? Millions of people the world over have been screaming this message for a very long time. Where were the interviews with Sharansky after he quit and before the fact? Had there been enough of these kind of interviews back then with Sharansky and many, many others — although none as well known as Sharansky, this whole thing could have been stopped. What real consolation is it to hear Bibi now? Will Bibi get the vote of those his party betrayed? I think not. Time for a new party that better represents the people by having its list chosen by the party members who can depose any would be hijacker.

In a later comment I said:

“Look here … for an analysis of what went wrong, who is to blame and where to go from here by Professor Paul Eidelberg. Eidelberg has been working on a plan for decades to change the political system in Israel so that it is more like the American system — more representative with individual accountability of MK’s to the voting public. Changes like this are desperately needed if Israel is to be saved from the tyranny of the Left, of which Sharon is now counted as one.”

MLF responded:

“Barry, I believe you hit the nail on the head, more representative government with individual accountability. When the government is unaccountable, horrible things happen! The US is experiencing that today with its unaccountable Supreme Court.”

To which I responded:

“Yup, it’s a small world after all. Actually, the USA needs to take what happens here as a warning and Israelis that care what happens to them need to push hard for political, constitutional, judicial and media reform that bring it closer to the USA. About the judicial situation here as seen through the eyes of Robert Bork see this:”

MLF then said:

“Barry, that was very interesting! Thanks for the link!”

I sent the link to the audio clip and the comments to Paul Eidelberg and he was pleased to see that that I am trying to get the message out. Check out the link here for the audio clip of Benyamin Netanyahu and full comments.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Haaretz - Israel News - Peres slams rightist MKs for verbal attacks on PM Sharon

Shimon Peres finds moral rudder, defends honor of citizenry. Nation consoled, finds moral and spiritual footing during ethnic cleansing.

"Vice Premier Shimon Peres sharply criticized right-wing MKs for their verbal assault on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during his appearance before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Wednesday, Israel Radio reported."

Peres said MK Uzi Landau and MK Effi Eitam crossed every limit, and that their shocking comments border on incitement. "I don't say this as a member of Sharon's party, but as a citizen of this county. I can't recall such a mode of speech as this," Peres said.

Full Story:

Haaretz - Israel News - Peres slams rightist MKs for verbal attacks on PM Sharon

What Shimon Says

"[Excerpt from an interview with Haaretz journalist
Daniel Ben Simon the day following Peres' defeat by
Netanyahu in the 1996 election for Prime Minister]

INTERVIEWER: What happened in these elections?

PERES: We lost.
PERES: We, that is the Israelis.
INTERVIEWER: And who won?
PERES: All those who do not have an Israeli mentality.
INTERVIEWER: And who are they?
PERES: Call it the Jews."

More Quotes Here:

What Shimon Says:

In the Spirit of Rebbe Nachman

( The northern Samaria branch of anti-Disengagement activists announced that a march from the town of Kedumim to Homesh, slated for uprooting tomorrow, will get underway at 5:00pm Monday. The activists say that the struggle for the Land of Israel continues 'in the spirit of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov,' who said, 'There is no despair in the world at all.'"

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Stalin: Famous Quotes

Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.

In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance.

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

The Pope? How many divisions has he got?

Woody Allen: -- Has Karmic Nighmares of Being Seduced by Elderly Bespectacled Nebish

"The history of the world is like, he kills me, I kill him. ... So in 2001 some fanatics killed some Americans, and now some Americans are killing some Iraqis. And in my childhood, some Nazis killed Jews. And now, some Jewish people and some Palestinians are killing each other." (Woody Allen)

Get Rich! Expell Jews!

Sharon's Rabbits Miffed at MK's Statements

Rabbits on Sharon's Ranch demand equal protection and petting rights after MK ignores them in statement to PM.

Read Story:

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

America's Gaza?

Heeeya Come Da Judge

( The hearing about extending the remand of the activists from the rooftop of the Kfar Drom Synagogue has not yet taken place, but High Court Justice Dorit Bainish has already clearly and publicly expressed her opinion on the case.

She claims that the active resistance to the expulsion from the rooftop "insulted the honor of the synagogue in the settlement."

Bainish said this during a hearing on a plea against destroying synagogues in Gush Katif. Until the decision is given, the destruction has been discontinued."

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Where do we go from Here?” by Professor Paul Eidelberg

1. Needless to say, there is plenty blame to go around for the tragedy of Gush Kativ. Gush Katif, whose 800 cows constituted the second largest dairy farm in Israel. Gush Katif, which produced 95% of all Israel’s exports of bug-free lettuce and greens, 70% of all Israel’s exports of organic vegetables, 60% of all Israel’s exports of cherry tomatoes, and 60% of all Israel’s exports of geraniums. Gush Katif, whose total sum of exports from greenhouses was $100,000,000, which is 15% of the total agricultural exports of the whole state of Israel—this Gush Katif is gone—given to Arab terrorists now boasting of their victory over Israel.

2. I believe it’s my duty to expose some of the individuals and parties and institutions most responsible for the destruction of Gush Katif. I do this not to engage in back-biting, but to reveal the enormous task that must be undertaken to save Israel. It’s not enough to blame Prime Minister Sharon for the destruction of Gush Katif. Of course, his implementation of Labor’s so-called unilateral disengagement policy, which he campaigned against in the January 2003 election, qualifies him as Israel’s most perfidious politician. But let’s not forget that disengagement would not have been enacted into law were it not for corrupt and cowardly Likud Knesset Members, two/thirds of whom betrayed their party principles and constituents by voting for disengagement in October 2004. Still, there are other guilty parties.

3. Among the most culpable are National Union (Ichud HaLeumi) and the National Religious Party (NRP or Mafdal). They joined the Sharon government after the January 2003 election knowing he advocated a Palestinian state at least as early as 1998, two years before George W. Bush became president. They are compromisers, or halfhearted nationalists.

a. National Union, which consists of the Israel Beiteinu, Moledet, and Tekuma factions, knew very well that Sharon, as Netanyahu’s foreign minister, signed the Wye Memorandum, which surrendered, for starters, 42% of Judea and Samaria to Yasser Arafat’s murderous thugs, the PLO-Palestinian Authority. Some of us advised these parties NOT to join Sharon. They subordinated principles to perks.

b. Mafdal is especially culpable because it joined a government with the anti-religious Shinui party. Sharon gave Shinui the all-important Justice and Interior Ministries, which relaxed the standards for citizenship and conversion and refrained from enforcing commercial regulations concerning the Sabbath.

4. Of course, men like Effie Eitam and Zevulun Orlev and Benny Elon said they could do more good in the government than as back benchers. So look what happened while they propped up Sharon:

a. They allowed Sharon to develop his expulsion plan under their noses.

b. They let Shinui diminish Israel’s Jewish majority.

c. They did nothing while Jewish outposts were bulldozed.

d. They slept while the Supreme Court undermined Israel’s territorial integrity.


*Based on the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radion, August 22, 2005.

5. I mentioned the culpability of the Likud Party. Most responsible was Benjamin Netanyahu. Had he opposed disengagement in December 2003 he would have gained the support of most of the Likud MKs and terminated Sharon’s premiership.

a. But when two/thirds of the Likud MKs voted for disengagement, that should have prompted Moshe Feiglin’s Manhigut Yehudit faction to resign from the Likud. But like National Union and Mafdal, the Feiglinites felt they could do more good inside the Likud than outside. Good for whom?

b. By remaining in the Likud, they dignify that corrupt party and sully their own reputations among politically mature, thoughtful, high caliber people.

6. But now I must explain what happened after National Union and Mafdal resigned from the Sharon government. To stay in power Sharon had to bring in the Labor Party—the authors of Oslo. Sharon also wanted a religious party to divide the religious community and to make his expulsion plan Kosher. So he promised United Torah Judaism, an ultra-orthodox party, 290 million shekels to join the government. That prompted the ultra-secular Shinui party to resign. Nevertheless, UTJ’s five seats were enough to form a new government with Labor. So UTJ is also responsible for the loss of Gush Katif. And so is Shinui. Sharon promised Shinui 750 million shekels to vote for the 2005 budget lest the government fall. Parties are for sale in Israel, thanks largely to its system of Proportional Representation—which multiplies parties—but not even the Feiglinites will tell you this, because they, like other politicians, need PR to get into the Knesset.

7. Add the Supreme Court to the list of those who destroyed Gush Katif. The court recognized that the expulsion of Jews from their homes was a violation of Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom; but Chief Justice Aharon Barak legalized Sharon’s expulsion plan on grounds of national security. Never mind the criticism of that plan by Israel’s highest military and intelligence officials. Moreover, Israel’s left-wing court had the audacity to ignore its own precedence as well as Israeli and international law by ruling that Gaza and Judea and Samaria are “occupied territory.”

8. I mentioned Israel’s military and intelligence officials. Since all warned that retreat from Gush Katif would be disastrous, why didn’t at least one of them resign in protest and go public against this policy? Why did they behave like tin soldiers? Why did they subordinate Judaism to the State? The Jews were the first people in history not to worship the state. Something is terribly wrong with the education at Israel’s Staff and Command School—but no one will tell you this.

9. And what about religious soldiers—those identified with religious nationalism or Zionism? Why didn’t ALL of them—not just a few—heed the halachik rulings of former Chief Rabbis Avraham Shapira and Mordechai Eliyahu? Why didn’t they all refuse to participate in the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif? Is there something seriously wrong in the religious Zionist camp?

10. I said the Haredi party was partly responsible for the loss of Gush Katif. But in fairness I must say that if there were Haredi soldiers—and there are a few—it’s inconceivable that any would ignore their rabbis and participate in the crime of expelling Jews from their homes. It seems that religious Zionism, associated with Mafdal, the National Religious Party, leaves much to be desired.

11. Here let me paraphrase an American journalist who is Haredi. She says: “Those who set the agenda for Mafdal are their political leaders – petty, ignorant, and venal men. Mafdal has always taught its adherents that the rabbis are of little consequence, so it is not surprising that they are not taken seriously. And now, at this moment of the Gush Katif tragedy, there is no one to truly lead Israel’s religious nationalists. Notice that Yonatan Bassi, the head of the disengagement authority, was one of them. With too few exceptions, national religious soldiers blindly followed the state’s leaders who are bringing tragedy to the Jewish people and destroying their country—and for basically selfish reasons.” So writes one Haredi American journalist.

12. But now, while it’s important to know the various individuals and parties responsible for the tragedy of Gush Katif—and I have not mentioned the left-wing media—where do we go from here? Well, many of you know about the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy. Here is what the Foundation is going to do. To begin with, it’s going to circulate a special Manifesto to wake up the people. On the one hand, the people must be warned about parties and institutions that have betrayed them. On the other hand, they must be informed of what must be done to save the Jews east of the “security fence”—Sharon’s next expulsion target as well as the next target of the terrorists. Here is what the Manifesto will state:

a. You all know that Sharon has become the Left’s prime minister.

b. You remember how Mafdal and Ichud HaLeumi remained in the government and fiddled while Israel was burning:

* They allowed Sharon to develop his plan for the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif.

* They did nothing while Jewish outposts were bulldozed.

* They blinked while the Supreme Court handed down rulings more favorable to Israel’s enemies than to Israeli soldiers and civilians.

* They joined forces with Shinui and Tommy Lapid, champions of Judaism and Jewish unity.

* They slept while the Knesset, the Cabinet, and the Supreme Court betrayed you.

c. We must reform these institutions to prevent political parties from destroying Israel:

* Firstly, MKs must be made accountable to the voters instead of party bosses.

* Secondly, the corrupt system of multi-party cabinet government must be replaced by a Presidential system, without MKs in the cabinet. We need professionals in the cabinet.

* Thirdly, the oligarchic mode of appointing Supreme Court judges must be democratized.

13. The Manifesto will state that a Constitution based on Jewish and democratic principles must be adopted before the Left implements one that perpetuates the present dictatorship­.

14. As for immediate action, the Manifesto will urge all nationalist groups to unite to form an alternative political force. The Foundation offers its facilities for this purpose.

In conclusion, I now ask all who agree with this program, to send your name, address, e-mail and phone numbers to:

The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy

POB 23702, Jerusalem 91236 or contact us by

E-Mail:; Tel. 02-586-1297; Cell phone 0544-928621

Sunday, August 21, 2005

An Interview with Hamas Leader Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar

Link to full interview below thanks to MEMRI.

"Israel Fears that Gaza Would Become Hamas Land; Let Israel Die
Q: 'Israelis fear that Gaza could become the land of Hamas after the withdrawal.'
A: 'Let Israel die.'
Q: 'Is this an encouragement for the Palestinian Authority to clamp down on Hamas with an iron fist?'
A: 'No one can crackdown on us with either an iron fist or a golden fist.'
Q: 'Have you prepared to enter the settlements?'
A: 'We will enter the settlements and sully the dignity of Israel with our feet. We will stand on the ruins of the Israeli settlements and tell our people we have prevailed. This is nonnegotiable. We will secure the Gaza Strip and prevent anyone from occupying it again. In past experiences, government land was stolen.
'The land of the evacuated settlements should serve as the lungs for the economy to breath. Schools, playgrounds, agriculture, and industry should be established on this land. This is our position, which we expressed in the meeting of the national committee formed to oversee the withdrawal. The government to be formed after the elections will determine the future of this land.'
Q: 'In other words, there is an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas about the future of the settlements' land.'
A: 'Yes. The Palestinian Authority has the right to manage the land after consulting with the committee which consists of representatives of the national and Islamic factions.'
Q: 'Is there a plan for Hamas leaders abroad to return to Gaza?'
A: 'We will never give up our right of return. All of Palestine is our land. When any part of it is liberated, any Palestinian and Muslim will have the right to come. This does not mean that this is consistent with the current Israeli withdrawal form Gaza."

"Full story: MEMRI: Latest News:

Vigilant, Paranoid or just Sharon?

( Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is alleging that some of the required signatures amassed to force a convening of the party's central committee are forgeries, adding an investigation is in order.

With opponents pushing to set a date for primary elections, they believe the move by Sharon is nothing more than an effort to stall for time, realizing the disengagement has pushed Sharon out of favor in the party, and he now sorely lags behind his chief political nemesis, MK Binyamin Netanyahu.

While Minister Tzachi Hanegbi attempted to avoid setting a date for convening the central committee, the party's court compelled him to set a date, which was followed by Mr. Sharon's announcement on Sunday of forgeries on the petition."

The American Thinker

Interesting piece here with some good links on this overlooked issue:

"A question for the Archbishop.Now that Israel has forcibly deported thousands of its crying and praying citizens from their homes in Gaza, I have a question for Dr. Rowan Williams. Dr. Williams is the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England. As such, he started the ball rolling for a massive campaign against Israel by liberal churches in the US and Britain --- the Anglicans, Presbyterians, Lutherans and so on. All accuse Israel of thwarting the peace process, while turning a blind eye to fifty years of terror attacks against Jewish women and children."

Full story:
The American Thinker:

Hear Netanyahu on Sean Hannity -- Read Comments Including Mine

Friday, August 19, 2005

Election Posturing Begins

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

MK (Likud) Binyamin Netanyahu, following the Friday morning Katyusha rocket attack into Eilat, called it a warning.

The former finance minister stated, "This is stern warning of the missiles that will be fired in the coming year-to-two, directed at Israeli cities from terror bases that we have provided for Islamic terrorists in Gaza, as well as in Judea and Samaria."

Good Bye Sharon!

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: "Peres Announces Disengagement Will End Unity Arrangement
15:55 Aug 19, '05 / 14 Av 5765

( Vice Premier Shimon Peres, leader of the Labor Party, announced that once the implementation of the expulsion is completed, his party has no reason to remain in the coalition.

Peres, who is competing in his party's leadership race, made it clear that following the disengagement, the nation will prepare for elections and his party will break away from the ruling Likud Party.

Peres explained there is nothing on the political agenda to keep Labor bound to a Likud-led government once the disengagement has been accomplished."

DEBKAfile Exclusive:

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security

The multiple Katyusha rocket attack Friday on Jordan’s Aqaba port, US naval shipping docked there and the twin Israeli Red Sea port-resort of Eilat was the work of a Jordanian al Qaeda team controlled by Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

August 19, 2005, 11:47 AM (GMT+02:00)

1. Two US warships anchored in Aqaba. One, the USS Ashland landing ship with elements of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force aboard, was just missed and damaged. The rocket struck a warehouse on a nearby pier. No US marines or sailors were hurt. Both ships have put out to sea.

2. Another rocket exploded on the Emir Haya base parade ground during drill practice and is believed to have killed at least one Jordanian soldier and wounded several.

3. The Katyusha aimed at Eilat landed on a road outside the airport, exploded partiall and injured one Israeli.

Aqaba port was cleared of shipping and Eilat airport closed.

DEBKAfile’s Eilat sources report Jordan has imposed curfew on eastern Aqaba and is scouring the town for the missile launchers and brought in military reinforcements. Israeli and Jordanian security are cooperating in the investigation.

Dhimmi Watch: Jewish American "Leaders" Reward Jihad Terrorism with Charity

"Moral blindness, dhimmitude, naivete, and more. Will the recipients of this largesse now realize that the Jews are not as bad as they have thought? No. They will laugh at their weakness and continue the jihad. 'How Old Friends of Israel Gave $14 Million to Help the Palestinians,' from the New York Times, with thanks to Ruth King:

It was perhaps an odd request to make of a man noted for his commitment to Israeli causes and his fierce criticism of the Palestinian Authority.

Please raise $14 million to help buy the Jewish settlers' lucrative greenhouses in the Gaza Strip so that the Palestinians can take them over when the settlers are gone. Oh, and can you get it done by the weekend, before the pullout starts? If not, the settlers will destroy the greenhouses on their way out of Gaza to keep them out of Arab hands.

Last Wednesday, though, Mortimer B. Zuckerman, real estate magnate and publisher of The Daily News, received just such a pitch from his friend James D. Wolfensohn, the former president of the World Bank, current Middle East envoy for the White House and would-be broker of the deal.

Mr. Zuckerman, who is also former head of the American-Israel Friendship League, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and the Soviet Jewish Zionist Forum, said he thought about the ironies. But not for too long.
'Despite my skepticism,' Mr. Zuckerman said in an interview on Tuesday, 'I thought to myself, 'This is perhaps the only illustration or symbol of what could be the benefits of a co-operational, rather than a confrontational attitude.' '
So he in turn picked up the phone and called a few of his friends and fellow billionaires, who also happened to be prominent Jew"

Full story:
Dhimmi Watch: Rewarding jihad terrorism with charity:

IMRA - Thursday, August 18, 2005 Weekly Commentary: What will Israel do when the Palestinians renew their rocket attacks?

IMRA - Thursday, August 18, 2005 Weekly Commentary: What will Israel do when the Palestinians renew their rocket attacks?: "Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 18 August 2005

What will Israel do when the Palestinians renew their rocket attacks?
Even an Israel Government Television interview show host ridiculed Defense
Minister Shaul Mofaz for proclaiming that Israel would respond with truly
decisive action.
Some critics have claimed that if the IDF put as much thought into defeating
Palestinian rocket launching teams as it did into its plan to expel the Jews
residing in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria that the Sderot border town
would have long ago been rid of the threat of Qassams.
It would be unfair to claim that the IDF hasn't devoted an enormous number
of man hours on the Palestinian challenge.
It has.
But the Israeli planners comes doubly handicapped into the problem: a
tendency to underestimate the ability of the Palestinians to manipulate
situations to their advantage and the ideologically driven belief of the
Israeli Left that essentially all of Israel's problems with the Arabs would
evaporate if the Jewish state would simply withdraw to the '67 line.
The Israeli tendency to underestimate the ability of the Arabs to manipulate
situations to their advantage (human shields, international pressure, etc.)
can readily lead to overly simplistic plans. At the same time, the belief
that retreat to the '67 lines will yield utopian peace serves to relieve the
planners from the pressure to come up with truly viable solutions.
In the absence of serious thinking and planning on Israel's part, the
projected renewal of the Palestinian war of attrition could very well push
Israel into a downward spiral of territorial concessions to the point that
her indefensible borders entice her neighbors to disgorge this "foreign
object" from the Arab sea.

Peaceful Signs and Good Vibrations

Israel's Leader to Make "Public" Appearance in Gush Katif

Funding of Palestinian Propaganda By U.N. 'Unacceptable,' Bolton Says - August 18, 2005 - The New York Sun - NY Newspaper

Bolton does good. Feed from The American Thinker:

"The United Nations' funding of a Palestinian Arab propaganda campaign timed to coincide with Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip has increased tensions between the U.N. and American officials.
America's newly installed ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, labeled 'inappropriate and unacceptable' the United Nations Development Program financing of materials bearing the slogan 'Today Gaza, Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem.'"

Read Full piece here or link from The American Thinker:

Funding of Palestinian Propaganda By U.N. 'Unacceptable,' Bolton Says - August 18, 2005 - The New York Sun - NY Newspaper:

Israel Future Government

Professor Paul Eidelberg's plan to bring true representative government to Israeli citizens is presented here:

Israel Future Government

Thursday, August 18, 2005

David Frum: Why is Ariel Sharon evacuating Gaza?

Former speech writer for president Bush comes up with a theory that I have to hate, if only because it is yet another attempt find some hidden good in Sharon and his tyrannical expulsion and retreat. Still, it is one of the more interesting attempts to dissect the mind of The Leader.

It is not because he believes that a decent Palestinian state will emerge after the Israelis withdraw. Nobody believes that. The almost universal consensus among experts on the region is that post-occupation Gaza will became a Mediterranean Somalia: an unstable failed state in which gangs compete for power and extremist Islam finds a sanctuary.
Nor was Sharon responding to international pressure. His plan for unilateral evacuation surprised and displeased the United States and the European countries. They wanted Sharon to negotiate with Abbas. They wanted the deal to involve all the Palestinian territories, not just Gaza. And they wanted the whole thing to happen very, very slowly.
Israel's strategic situation did not force Sharon's hand: Israel was more than capable of holding Gaza for years to come. Domestic public opinion is not the explanation: Sharon won Israel's 2003 elections by opposing a Gaza withdrawal.
So why, why, why?
Let me try a theory.
Israel is the victim of an organized international hypocrisy.
After the experience of the 1990s, few people retain an illusions about the likely character of any Palestinian state. The Palestinian leadership is corrupt through and through. The only effective opposition to that leadership is violent and extremist. Palestinian public opinion utterly rejects coexistence with Israel. A Palestinian state, whatever its borders, will wage terror war against Israel � and give sanctuary to Islamic extremists from around the world. It will murder Israelis and threaten the security of Europeans and Americans.
European and American political leaders recognize this depressing fact.

Full Piece:

"David Frum's Diary on National Review Online:

Pal Information Center

Photos of Pal preparations for the future. Looks like Sharon has got things under control -- wouldn't you say?

??? ????? ????? ???? ?? ??????

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

"( Policemen are pushing and hitting people 'without reason' in Jerusalem, according to a social worker who is among hundreds of people protesting the expulsion.

She said one young man was crossing the street and policemen by the names of Avi Cohen and Ofir Shumar pushed him brutally with no reason. He was not injured. She said the policemen ceased pushing people when they heard her speaking with an Arutz-7 reporter"

Hamas: 'Calm' to End December 31

Has the "DISMANTLING" of Hamas begun yet? Sharon is feeling more secure, which is nice. Feeling "peaceful" everyone?

"( Hamas terrorist leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said Thursday that the period of 'calm' will end at the end of the calendar year because Israel has not lived up to 'any commitment to any cease-fire agreement.'

He accused Israel of not living up to agreements to release Arab prisoners and jailed terrorists and stop killing terrorist leaders. He did not comment on terrorist attacks and attempted attacks by terrorists against Israel since the calm was announced in February."

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Gaza Quiz -- See How Much You Know About the Communities Being Destroyed

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz on Gaza

Nice to see this on NRO. It's been at least a week since Barbara Lerner's excellent piece here. Jim Robbins posted something really supportive of the ORANGE opposition the other day in The Corner. Over all, however, I was hopeful to see more support for the ORANGE struggle against Sharon's tyrannical mendacities on NRO. It could have made a big difference. I am dissapointed. This piece is a little late for the Jews of Gaza and Northern Shomron but the clarity of the message is important. It should aid those out there who still think that Sharon had a mandate and that the WOT has its exceptions in understanding how wrong they were on both points as the kassam rockets start landing everywhere.

JERUSALEM — As I write, Israeli policemen and soldiers are being deployed on a mission against fellow Israeli citizens. It is not a mission they will easily complete.

Pursuant to Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, thousands of Jews are facing deportation from their communities and demolition of their homes, schools, synagogues, factories and farms. The areas where the forced evacuation is being carried out, of course, is in the Gaza region and in northern Samaria.

Nearby, in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the Gaza Strip, many Arabs are celebrating. The local terrorists are exulting in what they see as proof positive that their breed of terrorism works — marches, speeches, candies, and floats in the shape of Kassam rockets that have rained down on Israeli cities. Naturally, therefore, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are planning more of the same terror. PA officials, such as Saeb Erakat and Abu Alaa, are also openly acknowledging that terrorism has worked, holding it as an implied threat for possible future negotiations. PA President Mahmoud Abbas suggested that the firing of rockets could have destructive consequences. After all, he said, "No one of us could forget last week's tragedy when a father and his son were killed by a rocket." The father and son he was referring to were Arabs, killed when a rocket fell short of its Israeli target.

As Michael Freund has written, "You can tell a lot about a political or historical event by looking at who's celebrating it."

As for Ariel Sharon, whatever else he thinks he is doing — and it is getting harder and harder to figure that out — the Israeli prime minister is sweeping part of the historic land of Israel of Jews, to the applause of those who would rather Israel not exist.

In light of such considerations, as well as serious questions of democracy — considering that Sharon won a landslide victory on an explicitly anti-withdrawal platform — a growing wave of soldiers serving in Israel's draft army are expressing their unwillingness to take part in what they see as a crime of the state against its citizens. Over the past year, soldiers in increasing numbers have been refusing to carry out orders related to the disengagement implementation. A cross section of the population, they come from the reserves and compulsory service; they act in groups and as individuals. This week, with the official closure of Gush Katif and northern Samaria, and the start of forced evacuations, the phenomenon of "last-minute refusal" by soldiers assigned to "disengagement duty" has been spreading hour by hour.

However, clearly not every soldier opposed to expelling Jews from Gaza and Samaria is willing to publicly refuse orders or go AWOL, as he may lose his rank, sit in jail, and possibly be thrown out of elite courses that he worked hard to get into. Still: Estimates by various sources indicate that between 3,000 and 10,000 supporters of Jewish Gaza have made their way into the area over the past month or so, when it was ostensibly closed to all except local residents. While there may be ways to sneak into an area under military closure, reports from those who have done so indicate that many soldiers assigned to securing the area were purposefully doing a less-than-exemplary job, if not outright assisting the "infiltrators."

In one instance last week, a group of Americans that arrived to show solidarity with the Gaza communities made their way through all the checkpoints and ultimately into the closed area. They did so thanks to lax enforcement of rules keeping non-residents out, as well as the assistance of a generous IDF officer.

A group of young Israeli men who were carefully picking their way through fields to try and sneak into Gaza last week were spotted by two combat soldiers of the Golani Brigade assigned to prevent such shenanigans. The young men froze in their tracks; the soldiers, young men themselves, merely smiled and waved at them.

In a similar instance, a soldier assigned to make sure vehicles driven by residents did not also bring in outside "guests" stopped a van carrying several people in it. After checking the ID of the driver, a Gaza resident, the soldier poked his head into the vehicle, looked at the people in the back seats and loudly announced, "My, what a lot of bags you have there," and waved them through the checkpoint.

These are, of course, merely anecdotes. But such instances are not rare. At the same time, IDF radio has reported concerns in the security establishment that mass refusal of soldiers to take part in the expulsion can "complicate" the disengagement. And youthful residents of Jewish communities in Gaza have worked hard in recent weeks to encourage that "complication". They have spent their days talking with soldiers at the checkpoints into Gaza, cajoling, encouraging, and persuading them to reject orders that are contrary to their consciences and to IDF ethics, which forbid employing force against civilians.

Large-scale activities against the disengagement plan have been taking place for over a year. No matter where they were held and how they were billed — a prayer rally in Jerusalem, a demonstration in Tel Aviv, a protest march in the south, a human chain along the nation's roads — such events have consistently attracted between 150,000 and 250,000 people. The results? Polls of recent weeks show that only a minority of Israelis support Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan.

Assuming that Israeli soldiers are not different from the rest of society (even if, in fact, election results seem to indicate they are more right-wing), then there is a strong possibility that, even at this late stage, the residents of Jewish Gaza and northern Samaria may yet see the plan to expel them disrupted by widespread "lack of motivation" among IDF forces.

— Nissan Ratzlav-Katz is opinion editor of

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz on Gaza on National Review Online:

"Kfar Darom Expulsion Begins - With Force

Army forces surround the synagogue in Kfar Darom and the hundreds of youths gathered in and atop it. It's unclear when the forces will make their move. Forced expulsion of the families has begun.

IDF Southern Commander Maj.-Gen. Dan Har'el said this morning, 'The evacuation of Kfar Darom will end by this evening.' Har'el was named for his uncle who was killed in the battle for Kfar Darom in 1948.

The evacuation and destruction of Kfar Darom is expected to be even more violent than that of most of N'vei Dekalim yesterday. Hundreds of youths are gathered atop and inside the synagogue, while the 85 families are not planning to leave their homes without resistance.

The Medrashah building, which was filled with people resisting the expulsion, was forcibly evacuated in the late morning hours.

The police and army forces have begun to evacuate the families, with each house a military and emotionally charged operation in and of itself. In one case, a force of some 15 soldiers arrived, and the commander demanded to be let in so that he could remove the inhabitants. The young father refused, and finally the soldiers forced the door open. They did not enter, but continued talking to the father. He said, 'If you wish to come in just to talk, then of course we'll let you in; we always welcome guests. But if you wish to throw us out, why should we let you in? What did we do bad? We live here!'

The soldiers went in anyway, and the family greeted them with a surprise: A birthday party for their daughter Emunah. They began singing, 'Happy birthday to Emunah,' leaving the soldiers in one of the few situations for which, most likely,"

Full Story: Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Sharon Playing "Good Cop" Again

The benevolent Sharon battles the evil Condi. Meanwhile, I predict that Abbas will either run and hide, be assasinated, or most likely, become a Hamasnik.

US secretary of state Rice: "Everyone empathizes with what Israelis are facing but it cannot be Gaza only"

She said in an interview: This is quite a dramatic moment in Middle East history and called on the Palestinian "military to take its own steps to quickly disarm other Palestinian factions." The Secretary's words contrast with Israeli PM Sharon's pledge in Monday's address to the nation that Gaza pull-out will strengthen Israel's West Bank presence. "

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security:

Hamas Fails to Show Gratitude

Sharon and his moronic Left hear from Hamas --- enjoy 10 minutes of "peace." Virtually all of Israel to be within rocket range in short order.

"Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal declared on Wednesday that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank marked the beginning of the end of the Zionist dream in Palestine.
Mashaal was speaking to reporters in Beirut and his remarks were broadcast live by a number of major Arab TV satellite stations.
Dubbing the pullout a 'defeat in the face of Palestinian resistance and a significant step with historic dimensions,' Mashaal said that as far as Hamas was concerned, the disengagement marked the beginning of the death of the Zionist dream.
'The resistance and the steadfastness of or people forced the Zionists to withdraw,' he boasted. 'The resistance is capable of ending the Israeli occupation and achieving all our rights. The armed struggle is the only strategy that Hamas possesses.'
Mashaal reiterated his movement's refusal to lay down its weapons, saying Hamas's duty was to defend the Palestinians and help them restore their rights. 'As long as Palestinian lands remain under occupation, Hamas won't law down its weapons,' he stressed.
He said, however, that Hamas was not interested in a confrontation with the Palestinian Authority. 'Hamas is not competing with the Palestinian Authority, but we reject attempts to monopolize power,' he explained.
Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas's overall leader in the Gaza Strip, said in an interview published on Wednesday that his movement will move its activities to the West Bank after the disengagement.
'Now, after the victory in the Gaza Strip, we will transfer the struggle first to the West Bank and later to Jerusalem,' Zahar told the London-based pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat. 'We will continue the struggle until we liberate all "

Full story:

Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

FrontPage :: Gaza: Red-letter Day For Arab and Leftist Jew-haters by David Horowitz

David Horowitz weighs in on the meaning of the Expulsion.

"Forget for a moment all the strategic and geopolitical rationales for the Gaza pullout and consider the reason that the Jewish settlements in Gaza are an issue at all: Palestinian Arabs and indeed all the Arab states of the Middle East hate Jews. They hate Jews so ferociously that they can't live alongside them. Not even if there are 8,000 Jews living among 2 million Arabs. There is not an Arab state or an Arab controlled piece of territory in the Middle East that will allow one Jew to live in or on it.

By contrast there are more than million Arabs, Muslim and Christian, living safely in Israel where they enjoy more citizen rights than the Arabs living in any Arab country -- or for that matter the Muslims living in any Muslim country. But not a single Jew can live in a single Arab state.
The ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Middle East began in 1921 when Churchill created the state of Jordan out of 80% of the Palestine mandate. The order creating the state of Jordan said no Jew is allowed to live on this land. That was what the Arabs wanted. No Jew should dirty this land. Seventy-percent of the population of Jordan is Palestinian Arabs. But they don't want Jordan as their Palestinian state because there are no Jews there to drive into the sea. Palestinians have shown twice -- in 1948 and again in 2000 that they want to kill Jews more than they want a Palestinian state. Jew-hatred is the cause of the Middle East conflict and it is the only reason the Jews in Gaza are an issue at all.
Unlike the Muslim Arabs in Europe, for example, who are responsible for outrageously disproprotionate crimes, the Jews in Gaza are law-abiding and productive citizens. But they are Jews. And therefore they must killed (which is why the Israeli Army has to be present) "

Full Story here:

FrontPage :: Gaza: Red-letter Day For Arab and Leftist Jew-haters by David Horowitz:

Excellent Photos from Gush Katif

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

lgf: Outrage of the Day


Outrage of the Day
: "The United Nations truly has hit bottom now - directly funding anti-Israel propaganda, and then brushing it off as insignificant when they're caught: United Nations Bankrolled Latest Anti-israel Propaganda. "

The United Nations bankrolled the production of thousands of banners, bumper stickers, mugs, and T-shirts bearing the slogan “Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem,” which have been widely distributed to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip, according to a U.N. official.

The U.N. support of the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda operation in the midst of the Israeli evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip has provoked outrage from Israeli and Jewish leaders, who are blaming Turtle Bay for propagating an inflammatory message that they say encourages Palestinian Arab violence. ...

A special representative of the United Nations Development Program in the Gaza Strip, Timothy Rothermel, told Fox News that his office provided financial support for the production of materials that make up the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda campaign, timed to coincide with the Gaza pullout. The Palestinian Authority’s withdrawal committee developed and produced the posters and other items using U.N. money, Mr. Rothermel said.

In addition to the slogan “Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem,” many of the materials displayed the logo of the United Nations Development Program, which operates in 166 countries and spends about half a billion dollars a year.

Asked by a Fox News correspondent about one of the banners bearing the words implying an impending Palestinian Arab takeover of the disputed areas, Mr. Rothermel, said, “That particular poster was prepared by the disengagement office with financial support from the United Nations Development Program.”

UNDP officials at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, however, denied that money from the program went directly to the propaganda campaign.

A UNDP spokesman, William Orme, said his office gave money to the Palestinian Withdrawal Committee to “help the Palestinian Authority communicate to the populace about the withdrawal and its economic and social impact.”

The money was funneled to the committee through a subagency called Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People. U.N. officials were not told about the propaganda campaign or about the slogan, he said.

And there is an interesting admission, as the UN claims they have no idea how the Palestinians are spending their money.


The struggle for Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron may be over but the ORANGE campaign must live on as a protest movement against Sharon and his government. Furthermore, the campaign should include a call for government reform so that the government can never be hijaked again. The ORANGE campaign has great momentum and it must continue. I believe it will.

Niall Ferguson on Iran

"So where do we go from here? Plan A - the European carrot - has failed. Plan B - the flaccid UN stick - will also fail. Unfortunately Plan C - American (or Israeli) air strikes - is fraught with peril. According to Michael J Mazarr of the US National War College, Iran could retaliate with 'an elaborate, ferocious, global provocation designed to draw the United States into a protracted conflict'.
That translates into more terrorism in our cities and an escalation of the war in Iraq. 'If Iran wanted,' Iraq's Deputy Foreign Minister Hamid Al Bayati said in February, 'it could make Iraq a hell for the United States.'
Now, ask yourself, what would be the likely effect of such a confrontation on Iranian politics?
To repeat: the Iranian revolution is still at an early stage. It has not yet produced its Bonaparte, its Stalin, its Mao. Or has it? A full-scale war with the 'Great Satan' may be all Mr Ahmadinejad needs to don that bloody mantle."

Full story here ... Telegraph | Opinion:

Site with Videos from Gush Katif

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 - Palestinians celebrate pullout as 'turning point' in conflict

"The celebrations to mark the official start of the Israeli withdrawal began just after midnight Monday. Hundreds of Hamas supporters gathered at the Kabeer mosque in Khan Younis, where they heard Younis al-Astal, a senior figure in the movement, castigate the Palestinian Authority for negotiating with the Israeli government. He claimed Hamas' 'resistance' was the reason Israel was leaving Gaza. 'May God bless those who touch weapons,' he said. (Video: Abbas tries to calm militants)"

Full - Palestinians celebrate pullout as 'turning point' in conflict

lgf: Hamas Killers Celebrate Victory

Another anti-expulsion post by Little Green Footballs -- with comments.

"KHAN YUNIS, Gaza Strip (AFP) - Thousands of supporters of Islamist fundamentalist movement Hamas gathered en masse in Khan Yunis to celebrate the coming end of Israel's 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip.
The demonstrators rallied near an Israeli army checkpoint between the depressed southern Gaza town and the main Jewish settlement bloc of Gush Katif, but Palestinian police held the crowd back from approaching the roadblock.
Masked members of Hamas's armed Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, which has been responsible for most anti-Israeli attacks during the near five-year Palestinian uprising, carried homemade rockets, green Hamas and Palestinian flags."

lgf: Hamas Killers Celebrate Victory:

Cox & Forkum: Evicted

Political Cartoon depicting the insanity of the expulsion.

Cox & Forkum: Evicted

****** Cosmic X ******: A Conversation With My Cousin

CX posts and I comment. Very powerful post.

****** Cosmic X ******: A Conversation With My Cousin: "Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Conversation With My Cousin
My cousin (we'll call him Dr. Y) is one of Israel's leading doctors. He's a typical secular Ashkenazi Israeli who lives in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, what Israelis call Gush Dan. Dr. Y. is a very nice, intelligent guy who almost never votes in Israel's elections. This always struck me as strange, for two reasons:

1) My American upbringing caused me to associate lack of participation in voting with the lower socioeconomic classes and

2) The percentage of Israelis that vote is usually high

The other day I called him to see how he was doing. He asked about the family and I told him that my eldest son is currently in Kfar Darom. He said that he is not surprised knowing our family's history and political orientation. I actually detected a little admiration in his voice. I then mentioned my disappointment with Israel's political system, law enforcement and media. I told him that the checks and balances that were supposed to protect us from corruption failed. He said that among his patients are Knesset members, and he proceeded to rattle off some names. 'I know many of them personally,' he added. Then Dr. Y. switched to English, as Israelis do when they want to emphasize something.

'Nobody there (in the Knesset) cares about us,' he said.

# posted by Cosmic X @ 12:03 PM
Powerful post, CX. Mercy!
# posted by Barry Freedman : 2:49 PM
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Column: Surprise

I believe that there is a surprise awaiting Ariel Sharon and the world.

It might take some time, but the whole community that he has deceived and betrayed will get through this terrible time (whether the expulsion happens or not) fundamentally changed – and immeasurably stronger.

The changes that will take place will be both political and spiritual. That Sharon’s expulsion is aimed at the destruction of the religious Zionist community, if not ultimately at all of the religious community, is a perception that is natural and growing, and it will be this perception, which has already taken full root, that will drive a sea change.

These changes, both the political and the spiritual, can be seen in the words of Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat and son of former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Mordechai Eliyahu, after his visit earlier this week with Ariel Sharon.

Rabbi Eliyahu said; "We told Sharon that we have learned our lesson, and that we will never again vote for people who do not come from a background of faith. We, as a public, will end up stronger, and we will not vote for people like him, people who ruin the country."

"We don't have to get angry; anger doesn't help," Rabbi Eliyahu said. "What we should do instead is to continue the fight, and not give up. Whoever can, should go down towards Gush Katif - and others, such as women with children, should pray. Prayer has great weight. G-d is great - much greater than this puny Sharon."

These words of Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu are both political and spiritual. The first paragraph above is political and represents the sense of betrayal that the religious Zionist community feels from Ariel Sharon and all that he represents in the eyes of that community. Sharon was for so long the embodiment of what the religious Zionist community saw as the secular Zionist that was a true brother: a brother on the battlefield; a brother in the settlement of the land; a brother in nationalism and self defense; a brother even in faith – something attributed to him out of admiration and hopefulness.

That is all over. What Rabbi Eliyahu has expressed is not his expression alone. It is why I wrote last week about the end of the Likud. Exactly what will come out politically is not clear. There is a growing sense that the whole system must be changed so that the government will never again be hijacked by one man – a system that creates true representative government. Professor Paul Eidelberg of Bar Ilan University has been working on a blueprint for these changes for decades and the current crises has shown the necessity to bring his ideas to the forefront of political debate. His ideas can be seen on his website “Israel Future Government” ( Michael Kleiner, former Herut MK, is working on a program that parallels Professor Eidelberg’s ideas. These are ideas whose time has come.

Eidelberg shows how ripe the whole county is for political change. He writes; “A survey commissioned by former Knesset Speaker Abraham Burg indicates that almost 90% of the people in Israel are disgusted with their system of government. An increasing majority feel powerless despite periodic, multi-party elections.”

According to Eidelberg, and correctly so, it is specifically Sharon’s “leadership” that has brought the situation to this point of disgust:

“Although Ariel Sharon was elected in February 2001 by a landslide victory to put an end to Arab terror, more than 1,000 Jews have been murdered under his premiership, some 6,000 have been wounded—many maimed for life—to which add the tens of thousands of children suffering from post-traumatic shock syndrome! … Sharon’s premiership has been an unmitigated disaster. And what is also shocking, critical analysis of Israel’s system of government reveals that it is not representative of the people …”

As to the comment of Rabbi Eliyahu’s (in the second paragraph quoted above) that reflects a spiritual change:

The emphasis that he makes on prayer, and the power of it and the need for it, even in the political realm, is perfectly aligned with the spiritual evolution that the religious Zionist community is going through. This evolvement means that the true power of the Jewish people is about to break through in this community of people who have always excelled in self sacrifice but have focused on action, following the Zionist ideal. When, freed from the fetters that a mimicking of secular Zionist ideology has placed on this holy community, the power of Jewish prayer will break through there in a way that will split heavens. Then the whole world, and especially Ariel Sharon, will be caught flatfooted. Sharon is actually empowering the very people he seeks to destroy. Sooner or later it will happen -- expect miracles – they are indeed coming.

Wave of Disengagement Refusals Swelling Within IDF

"The wave of 'Last Minute Refusals' is growing by the hour, with soldiers throughout the IDF stating they will not obey orders relating to the forced expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria. "

Full story: Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Monday, August 15, 2005

DEBKAfile : Abu Mazen’s emissary: Palestinians “right of return” from Lebanon starts in Gaza

August 13, 2005, 11:12 PM (GMT+02:00)

Senior member of the Fatah central committee, Abu Zaki, told a news conference in Beirut Saturday, August 13: Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon have priority over other Palestinians to return to Gaza after Israel’s pullout.

On a mission to Lebanon on behalf of the Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Zaki made three more points:

1. Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza without stipulating the right to oversee incoming and exiting traffic opens the way for Palestinians to realize their “right of return.”

2. It is out of the question for the Palestinians of the Ein Hilwa and Mia Mia camps near Sidon and Rashidiya near Tyre to give up their arms in keeping with demands from the Bush administration.

3. The Palestinian militias in Lebanon will be shipped by sea to the Gaza Strip. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Zaki was referring to a 3,000-strong Palestinian militia among which Hizballah and al Qaeda elements are embedded with their commander, Col. Mounir Maqdah.

In the name of Abu Mazen, Zaki promoted Brig. Sultan Abu al-Aynayan, from head of Palestinian forces in Ein Hilwa to supreme Palestinian commander in Lebanon.

Zaki is in Lebanon to execute the understandings Abu Mazen reached with Lebanese prime minister Dr. Fouad Siniora in Beirut on July 27.

"Hamas: Disengagement is Proof That Zionism Can Be Defeated

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

( A Hamas spokesman from northern Samaria told Al-Jazeera web site that the organized celebrations - said to cost $10 million - of Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gush Katif and northern Samaria were not a waste of resources, but reinforce the message that Zionism can be defeated.

The Hamas spokesman, Muhammad Ghazal, told, 'Arabs and Muslims worldwide must realize the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is not an act of Zionist magnanimity, but rather the result of sustained resistance and heroic sacrifices.'

Mahmoud A-Zahar, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, called the Disengagement Plan 'the first receding of Zionism from Palestine.'"

Likud Staggering

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: "Hundreds of Likud Leaders Call on Ministers to Resign
18:22 Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765

( Approximately 500 Likud party Central Committee members are calling on the party ministers to resign their posts in Ariel Sharon's government. The Likud loyalists warned the ministers that Sharon was using them, and that they would have collective responsibility for any action the government takes.

The chairman of the regional Likud branches in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, Shevach Stern, said, 'They must remember that they are part of a bridge for Sharon to continue his rule until such time as he finds another political framework within which to compete.' "

Rabbis Meet With PM Sharon -- Call it a Waste of Time

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

"Several leading religious-Zionist rabbis met yesterday with PM Sharon, in a last-minute attempt to forestall the expulsion. The participants were not surprised when Sharon did not change his mind.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu (pictured), the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, told Arutz-7 that it was not an easy meeting for any of the rabbis. 'I received permission from my father [former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu], because, as he said, even Moses met with Korach to prevent division. Sharon, today, is the archetype of evil. It's very hard to meet with a person like that.'

Rabbi Eliyahu said, 'We talked not about the uprooting of people from their land, but of another aspect - the split in the nation that he is causing. We said to him: 'Before you cause this trauma for generations, please stop - otherwise you'll cause everything to collapse. Rav Moti Elon even said straight out, 'We won't forget and we won't forgive.''

'We stopped short of saying what we really think, that if he goes through with this, his name will be remembered forever in infamy; no one will ever want to call his child Sharon again.'

Asked what the Prime Minister responded, Rabbi Eliyahu said, 'He said nothing except for his usual talk about that we're inciting and the like; it's really a waste of time even to repeat it.'

One of the rabbis, who lives in Gush Katif, said to Sharon, 'It's a totally absurd situation. The Palestinian terrorists attacked and maimed my family, and now we are forced to move out to some transit camp, give our house to them, and continue to pay the mortgage on the house while the terrorists enjoy it. This is pure evil!'

Rabbi Eliyahu said, 'We told Sharon that we have learned our lesson, and that we will never again v"

ScrappleFace: 'Hamas Strip' Offers Hot Deals on Single-Use Vests

ScrappleFace: 'Hamas Strip' Offers Hot Deals on Single-Use Vests: "'Hamas Strip' Offers Hot Deals on Single-Use Vests"

(2005-08-15) -- The new Hamas Strip, formerly called the Gaza Strip, will offer Palestinian shoppers "outlet pricing" on single-use disposable vests and other hot clothing items.

As the Israeli Army today evicted Jewish residents from their homes to make room for the Hamas expansion, Islamic Resistance merchants finalized plans to set up shop in anticipation of "explosive growth."

The single-use disposable vest is "all the rage" among young Palestinian males making day trips to Israeli markets, said an unnamed Hamas spokesman.

"At the new Hamas Strip, we expect a burst of business from day one," said the source. "This is just the beginning of our regional expansion. We trust that Prime Minister Sharon will continue to use his powers of eminent domain to accommodate our growth plans."

Gaza Watch

Photo Essay from Gush Katif...

Gaza Watch

lgf: Let's Give Them a State - A democracy killing itself :by Daniel Pipes

"The Israeli government's removal of its own citizens from Gaza ranks as one of the worst errors ever made by a democracy.
This step is the worse for being self-imposed, not the result of pressure from Washington. When the Bush administration first heard in December 2003 that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had unilaterally decided to pull all soldiers and civilians from Gaza, it responded coolly. Months of persuasion were needed to get the White House to embrace the initiative. The harm will be three-fold: within Israel, in relations with the Palestinians, and internationally.
Sharon won the prime ministry in early 2003 by electorally crushing an opponent who espoused unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. Sharon declared back then: 'A unilateral withdrawal is not a recipe for peace. It is a recipe for war.' For unknown reasons, in late 2003 he adopted his opponent's policy of leaving Gaza, thereby reneging on his promises, betraying his supporters, and inflicting lasting damage on Israeli public life.

Read the rest here ... - A democracy killing itself:

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Debka Analysis on Resignation, Government Instability, and Soldiers' Growing Resentment Over Expulsion

Israel’s ruling Likud party in radical shift from prime minister Ariel Sharon to Binyamin Netanyahu, who quit the government two days ago.

August 9, 2005, 10:15 PM (GMT+02:00)

According to a Haaretz poll Tuesday, 47.2% of Likud members back Netanyahu as prime ministerial candidate compared with 33.2% for Sharon.

In a three-way race, MK Uzi Landau who declared his candidacy Tuesday would carry 17% of the party, leaving Netanyahu still ahead at 35% and Sharon trailing with 29%. Sharon’s two challengers would therefore collect a solid 52% together.

Sunday, August 7, an hour after Netanyahu stepped down as finance minister, DEBKAfile’s political analysts offered this prognosis:

Sharon may have lost his own Likud for good. A large segment broke away when he failed to abide by the majority consensus to drop the disengagement plan. Netanyahu’s defection from the government will strengthen the anti-Sharon opposition, especially if he is joined by any of the four Likud ministers who voted against the first phase of the Gaza evacuations.

The prime minister’s hold on government may prove more fragile than he thinks. There are already pressures to bring the date for an early election forward to the early months of 2006. Sharon’s bid for a third term as prime minister will no doubt be weakened by the final split in Likud and the ex-finance minister’s open challenge to his leadership in party and country. This contest will come to the fore in the Likud primaries ahead of parliamentary elections.

DEBKAfile adds Tuesday, August 9:

Labor, which Sharon brought into the cabinet to bolster his evacuation plan, is in dire straits too, riddled with internal dissent and crippled by a five-way leadership contest. In the recent membership census conducted ahead of its primary, 90,000 slips were disqualified, of which 10,000 were found to be forgeries.

Refusing to show any ill-effects from the Netanyhau’s bombshell resignation, the prime minister’s office insisted nothing would stop the evacuations from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank going ahead on schedule next week. But as Sharon and his partners plunge forward, they are clearly laboring under strain. The public dreads the ordeal ahead and is losing faith in the present government’s ability to carry it through.

The military units assembled in the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank for the evictions reflect the general public’s makeup. DEBKAfile’s military sources report mounting grumbles among the soldiers – less on political grounds, but rather because they feel they have been charged with a task that should not be in the province of combat troops. For all these reasons, the evacuations beginning next week are very likely to be upset by one crisis or another, whether politically-generated or sparked by a security flareup.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Column: The End of the Likud

Binyamin Netanyu’s resignation has raised speculation as to the viability of the government, the possibility of early elections, the leadership of the Likud etc.
Uzi Landau has announced that he will run for the party leadership. Netanyahu is off to the USA for a fund raising trip to finance his own campaign. Supporters of Moshe Feiglin and his Jewish Leadership faction of the Likud are hopeful that this is his chance to rise to the top.

I, for one, would like to see the party fade into oblivion. No one who has been offended by the tyranny of Sharon and his expulsion plan should ever give their vote to Likud again. Let the message be sent out that any party that turns on the electorate and abuses its mandate is finished. It is the closest we can get to representative government here at this time. If you can't dump an individual politician then let it be known that his party will be dumped. If an individual seeks to continue his political career let him act quickly to separate himself from his party should it betray its mandate – let that become his greatest and most immediate personal political concern. In this way there will be something that resembles the personal accountability that Senators and Congressmen owe to their constituents in the United States.

Only if the party as a whole is vulnerable to a sharp reprisal from a betrayed public will we see some light through this dark tunnel of years of abuse of the people’s mandate.

Let the chips fall where they will and let new alliances of the truly national camp and new parties arise if necessary, let those politicians who really seek to serve the people convince the people of that – aided by their own knowledge that their party will provide no cover for personal political maneuvers that betray the people’s will.

To a different subject:

I have posted on my blog (galileeblog) three posts now from another blog called Sultan Knish. No, I have no idea what the name means. My best guess is that it is a humorous play on something like Burger King. I don’t know. Anyway, SK does some pretty good satire and I thought I would share just a bit of it.

Thursday, August 4, SK, in a post titled “Sharon announces new ‘Victory through Retreat’ plan,” showed some of his stuff. This is a bit of it – Sharon is speaking …

" Brothers and sisters … Today as we prepare for the first of many retreats I tell you this, we have only begun to retreat. We shall retreat from Yehuda and Shomron and then from Yerushalayim. We shall retreat from the Galilee and then the Negev to which we are sending those same families we are expelling from Gush Katif, only so that we may expel them yet again. We will retreat from every town and every city which is adjacent in any way to large Arab populations and as the Arab populations grow larger, we shall retreat even further."

Cal Thomas weighed in this week with a similar warning but of a different style:

"The 'disengagement' later this month (which is actually a retreat and is seen that way by Israel's enemies) will not be the end, anymore than previous retreats, concessions, 'good will' gestures and written documents have produced security or peace in the region.

Only after Israel is destroyed will the West realize what it did and failed to do, but it will find convenient and comforting explanations to absolve itself from any blame. Jews, you see, are always responsible not only for the world's problems, but for bringing destruction upon themselves by virtue of their being Jews."

Another different subject:

Ariel Sharon and the Israeli press have succeeded in convincing many Israelis that Sharon is being pressured by president Bush. This is a convenient claim which deflects the blame and distorts the reality of Sharon's push towards expulsion. The Jewish Press reported this week that when former Israeli diplomat Yoram Ettinger, who argues that the Oslo Accords harmed U.S. vital interests and triggered global terrorism, was asked why President Bush was pushing for the expulsion, Ettinger replied; “When I visited Washington recently, I was told that President Bush was and is against this disengagement but it was Sharon who pressured him. The tradition in Washington is that the administration does not second guess an Israeli prime minister. There was therefore no real deliberations on how this plan would affect U.S. interests in the region.”

Ettinger warned that the pullout will not be a stepping board to peace but a setback to peace because the only peace attainable in the Mideast is deterrence - driven peace. 'Disengagement undermines deterrence. Every square inch ceded by Israel to the PA, since the 1994 disengagement, has been transformed into a platform of hate - education and homicide bombing,' he said. "

Monday, August 08, 2005

WorldNetDaily: Hamas launching rocket war after Gaza evacuation

WorldNetDaily: Hamas launching rocket war after Gaza evacuation: "JERUSALEM : A research center affiliated with Hamas has published a study concluding the Palestinian group is likely to launch rockets against towns in Judea and Samaria after Israel withdraws its Jewish communities from Gaza.
The study follows an announcement last month on Hamas' official website that the group will continue its war to destroy Israel by launching Qassam rockets at Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and communities in Judea and Samaria."

Dhimmi Watch: Thornton: The Myth of Islam Busted

Dhimmi Watch: Thornton: The Myth of Islam Busted:

"This is a excellent and well-deserved review of Mr. Spencer's book. The percentage of Muslims who are willing to strap bombs to their bodies might be small, but what is the percentage of Muslims who give their tacit and/or open support to such actions? The numbers are in the 70-80% range worldwide, I believe, and that is where the Islam-is-peace myth really falls apart. I hope Mr. Spencer's book keeps selling and selling....
Posted by: maryrose at August 8, 2005 09:07 AM "

Dhimmi Watch: Bakri: Deportation not fair

Following is a link and an excerpt. Check out the comments as well:

Dhimmi Watch: Bakri: Deportation not fair:

"Bakri: Deportation not fair
'Deportation not fair, says extremist (on benefits)' from the Daily Mail with thanks to Leveller.
An extreme Muslim cleric whose family have been living on benefits in Britain for 20 years says it would not be 'fair' to deport him.
Speaking after the Prime Minister announced his clampdown, father-of-seven Sheik Omar Bakri said: 'I have wives, children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law. It would be hard on my family if I was deported.'"

ScrappleFace: Democrats Raise $80 Million to Fund 'Thinking'

"(2005-08-07) -- In a novel approach for the Democrat party, a group of left-leaning investors said it has raised $80 million in pledges to fund thinking, in hopes that thought and actual policies might be the secret to victory in coming elections."

Read the rest here...
ScrappleFace: Democrats Raise $80 Million to Fund 'Thinking':

More on the End of Likud

Debka (last post) takes a pro-Likud, pro Netanyahu line. Not for me. I think that the Likud party needs to be brought down and that all politicians within Likud who wish to continue their "public service" should get in line behind those leaders who have actually led the fight against Sharon's plan. Let them join with National Union. Let the message be sent out that any politician who sits in a government that betrays its constituency -- for whatever that reason might be -- has no future in that party because that party has no future. It is the closest we can get to representative government here at this time. If you can't dump an individual politician then let it be known that his party will be dumped. If he seeks to continue his political career let him get in line behind those leaders whose party seems most likely to follow the will of the people and closest to the people's will. I want to see the end of Likud.

DEBKAfile: Analysis of Netanyahu Resignation

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security

A bad knock for the Sharon government

August 7, 2005, 5:12 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile’s political analysts see finance minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s abrupt decision to quit Sunday, August 7 - over the evacuation of the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank beginning in ten days - as negatively impacting prime minister Sharon in government and Likud party.

Netanyahu, a former prime minister, admitted his decision would not stop the evacuations getting started. At the same time, their continuity is less certain.

Sharon can count on a solid majority in the government and Knesset – 17 ministers approved the evacuations of Morag, Netzarim and Kfar Darom on Sunday to against a minority of five. But that majority is composed mainly of Likud’s natural opposition parties together with the religious and nationalist groups he dispensed with for the sake of pushing through his disengagement plan.

Sharon may have lost his own Likud for good. A large segment broke away when he failed to abide by the majority consensus to drop the disengagement plan. Netanyahu’s defection from the government will strengthen the anti-Sharon opposition, especially if he is joined by any of the four Likud ministers who voted against the first phase of the Gaza evacuations.

The prime minister’s hold on government may prove more fragile than he thinks. There are already pressures to bring the date for an early election forward to the early months of 2006. Sharon’s bid for a third term as prime minister will no doubt be weakened by the final split in Likud and the finance minister’s open challenge to his leadership in party and country. This contest will come to the fore in the Likud primaries ahead of parliamentary elections.

The army and police need a continuous pull-out process in order to control the operation and keep it smooth. This is by no means certain any longer. The anti-disengagement movement and the future evacuees have been buoyed up by the finance minister’s withdrawal from Sharon’s “disengagement government.” They regard him as having put into words their sense of dread at the prospect of an “Islamist terrorist base” taking over in the Gaza Strip, and will invest greater energy in their campaign of obstruction. The evacuation forces may therefore have to contend with more resistance then they bargained for.

The Palestinians too will be weighing the implications of the Netanyahu resignation. An on-again, off-again pull-out will be an open invitation to the terrorists to revive their attacks.

Ezra: Police to Investigate Circumstances of Eden Zada’s Death

Here is the link. The whole story is pasted below:
Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

"Min. of Internal Security, Gidon Ezra, has ordered an investigation into the circumstances of Zada's death. Zada, who murdered four Arabs on a bus in Shfaram last week, was killed by an Arab mob.

Zada was the AWOL (Absent With-Out Leave) Israeli soldier who last Thursday opened fire inside a bus, killing four Israeli Arabs. A mob of Arabs which stormed the bus, lynched and killed Zada afterward.

Zada reportedly was killed after he had been seized by police and handcuffed. Minister Ezra said that a situation in which Zada had been attacked by a mob after he was caught and subdued "was very serious and will be investigated."

The mob also attacked the police officer who subdued Zada. Ezra said the persons who attacked the officer would be arrested.

Another 26 policemen were wounded in rioting that followed the incident.

Arab leaders have called on the government to refrain from investigating the circumstances of Zada's death. Shavki Hativ, chairman of a committee of Arab leaders, has claimed that reports of Zada being lynched after his capture were false. However, Shfaram's security officer, Jamal Aliam, told Army radio that Zada was attacked by dozens of Arabs after he had been handcuffed and subdued.

MK Mohammed Barakeh warned of new protests if Zada's lynching would be investigated. Barakeh claims that Zada was killed in order to prevent him from continuing his killing rampage.

Ezra distinguished between those who acted to prevent further shooting and those who attacked Zada after he was subdued. Ezra said he would not prosecute the first group, who were performing their duty. Ezra said those who attacked Zada after he was subdued acted illegally and would be investigated. He said that attacking police officers at the scene was totally illegitimate."