Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The American Thinker: Unmasked

"This situation is exemplary (in a negative sense) of the corruption that is rife within seemingly 'neutral' and 'nonpartisan' groups. This is particularly true regarding international NGOs, think tanks such as the Middle East Institute (Saudi-financed), academic chairs such as those at Columbia University funded by anti-Semitic Arab individuals or governments, and soft-money groups here in America.
Unfortunately, too many in the mainstream media blithely accept advice and allegations from these NGO groups as gospel without realizing these views may be tainted and distorted by specific agendas of those supporting these groups. Perhaps, journalists just take the easy way out and place these opinions, from so-called experts, into their articles and op-eds because they choose not to do further research.
A web of charities, foundations, NGOs, think tanks, 'human rights' groups may have ostensibly different names and charters but they are a web of like-minded ideologues, who often have interlocking directorates and sup from the same ill-begotten pile of petrodollars. Groups like the Capital Research Center and (and now the NY Sun) have dedicated themselves to taking the extra steps to expose the truth behind the headlines.
Siegman has carried water for the Israel haters for years, with op ed pieces in major American newspapers. Much as the Palestinians, to use the words of Abba Eban, have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity to make peace (they have one more chance to do it again now), Siegman has never missed an opportunity to take a whack at Israel. No concession Israel could offer was enough, and no Palestinian behavior was ever criticized as part of the reason for the continuing conflict"

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