Sunday, August 21, 2005

An Interview with Hamas Leader Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar

Link to full interview below thanks to MEMRI.

"Israel Fears that Gaza Would Become Hamas Land; Let Israel Die
Q: 'Israelis fear that Gaza could become the land of Hamas after the withdrawal.'
A: 'Let Israel die.'
Q: 'Is this an encouragement for the Palestinian Authority to clamp down on Hamas with an iron fist?'
A: 'No one can crackdown on us with either an iron fist or a golden fist.'
Q: 'Have you prepared to enter the settlements?'
A: 'We will enter the settlements and sully the dignity of Israel with our feet. We will stand on the ruins of the Israeli settlements and tell our people we have prevailed. This is nonnegotiable. We will secure the Gaza Strip and prevent anyone from occupying it again. In past experiences, government land was stolen.
'The land of the evacuated settlements should serve as the lungs for the economy to breath. Schools, playgrounds, agriculture, and industry should be established on this land. This is our position, which we expressed in the meeting of the national committee formed to oversee the withdrawal. The government to be formed after the elections will determine the future of this land.'
Q: 'In other words, there is an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas about the future of the settlements' land.'
A: 'Yes. The Palestinian Authority has the right to manage the land after consulting with the committee which consists of representatives of the national and Islamic factions.'
Q: 'Is there a plan for Hamas leaders abroad to return to Gaza?'
A: 'We will never give up our right of return. All of Palestine is our land. When any part of it is liberated, any Palestinian and Muslim will have the right to come. This does not mean that this is consistent with the current Israeli withdrawal form Gaza."

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