Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shimshon Cytryn Still in Jail

I believe it was July 6 which saw a staged "lynching" of an Arab youth in Gush Katif. All the media broadcast pictures of Jewish youth presumably attacking this Arab. But singled out for prosecution was eighteen-year-old Shimshon Cytryn, an Israeli-American, who has since been indicted for attempted murder.

The Israeli media ignored videos, pictures, and eyewitness accounts which contradicted the “lynch” story for over 10 days. Only after independent websites persisted in publishing that evidence did Ha'aretz finally print a retraction of its "lynch" story. Channel 2 TV interviewed the Arab victim and discredited the state’s contention that Shimshon tried to kill him.

Why is Cytryn in jail, why have the charges not been dropped?

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