Monday, August 08, 2005

More on the End of Likud

Debka (last post) takes a pro-Likud, pro Netanyahu line. Not for me. I think that the Likud party needs to be brought down and that all politicians within Likud who wish to continue their "public service" should get in line behind those leaders who have actually led the fight against Sharon's plan. Let them join with National Union. Let the message be sent out that any politician who sits in a government that betrays its constituency -- for whatever that reason might be -- has no future in that party because that party has no future. It is the closest we can get to representative government here at this time. If you can't dump an individual politician then let it be known that his party will be dumped. If he seeks to continue his political career let him get in line behind those leaders whose party seems most likely to follow the will of the people and closest to the people's will. I want to see the end of Likud.


Blogger Helen Freedman said...

It is pretty amazing that Bibi can think that people have forgotten his giveaway of Hebron, an action that caused him to lose all trust and credibility. It's just a matter of extreme egoism that he can present himself as a candidate. I agree with the posting- it's time for a New Right with leaders who respect the Bible as the true road map for the Jewish people.

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