Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Column: Time for Change

As the communities in the Northern Shomron are now being dismantled I can think of only one thing, Israel needs a completely new system of government. I wrote about this last week and have spent the whole week thinking about it, talking about it, blogging about it, discussing it with Professor Paul Eidelberg – the foremost proponent of constitutional representative democracy here – and posting comments on MarkLevinFan.com.

Mark Levin, as some of you might know, has a radio program on 77WABC which deals with many issues but often focuses in on the Supreme Court and issues of judicial activism. I listen to it when I can but it’s on from 1:00 am to 3:00 am here so I usually miss it. I mentioned once before how I found MarkLevinFan.com while looking for an archive or homepage for Levin that would allow me to hear the broadcasts later on.

Levin’s book, “Men in Black,” is getting a thumbing from me. Aharon Barak and the Israeli High Court has been a subject that I discussed at fair length more than a year ago. I wrote a piece about how Robert Bork described Barak’s High Court as “judicial imperialism” to try and raise awareness over there of what is going on here in the judicial system. Well, this week I had the opportunity to do it again on MarkLevinFan (MLF) and I took it – and I also took the opportunity to introduce Paul Eidelberg there and his call for constitutional reform in Israel.

The opportunity came when Benyamin Netanyahu’s interview with Sean Hannity was posted as an audio link on MLF following the expulsion from Gush Katif.

Netanyahu spoke with Sean about the tremendous boon to terror that the expulsion will prove to be. Netanyahu stressed how Hamas would be strengthened and how with a new seaport we will witness the creation a terrorist beacon and training ground that will threaten not only Israel but the whole world.

Netanyahu was also interviewed on MSNBC and made some of the same points that he made on Sean Hannity. I quote from here instead of from Hannity’s show because the transcript for this interview is available, however, I would recommend the audio link on MLF.

Netanyahu said this in the MSNBC interview:

“Unfortunately, and probably for good intentions, we’re giving terror a reward which will result in bad consequences. Not only for us by the way, because I think Gaza could very well be, over the next couple of years, may turn out to be an invaluable base for terror, just as Lebanon used to be, because there is no government, and this I fully agree with our ambassador in Washington, you’re really going to see whether Abu Masin does anything to terrorists. He hasn’t lifted a finger, and I suspect he’s not going to lift a finger and the result will be far from advancing the cause of peace, which I fervently want, this will set peace back and set terror forward.”

My first comment on MLF was this:

“Good to finally hear something on Talk Radio that exposes the truth about the expulsion but why did it take so long? Did we have to wait till it was a done deal and hear it from last minute defector, Netanyahu? Millions of people the world over have been screaming this message for a very long time. Where were the interviews with Sharansky after he quit and before the fact? Had there been enough of these kind of interviews back then with Sharansky and many, many others — although none as well known as Sharansky, this whole thing could have been stopped. What real consolation is it to hear Bibi now? Will Bibi get the vote of those his party betrayed? I think not. Time for a new party that better represents the people by having its list chosen by the party members who can depose any would be hijacker.

In a later comment I said:

“Look here … http://galileeblog.blogspot.com/2005/08/where-do-we-go-from-here-by-professor.html for an analysis of what went wrong, who is to blame and where to go from here by Professor Paul Eidelberg. Eidelberg has been working on a plan for decades to change the political system in Israel so that it is more like the American system — more representative with individual accountability of MK’s to the voting public. Changes like this are desperately needed if Israel is to be saved from the tyranny of the Left, of which Sharon is now counted as one.”

MLF responded:

“Barry, I believe you hit the nail on the head, more representative government with individual accountability. When the government is unaccountable, horrible things happen! The US is experiencing that today with its unaccountable Supreme Court.”

To which I responded:

“Yup, it’s a small world after all. Actually, the USA needs to take what happens here as a warning and Israelis that care what happens to them need to push hard for political, constitutional, judicial and media reform that bring it closer to the USA. About the judicial situation here as seen through the eyes of Robert Bork see this: http://galileeblog.blogspot.com/2004/07/july-30-column-bork-bashes-barak.html#comments.”

MLF then said:

“Barry, that was very interesting! Thanks for the link!”

I sent the link to the audio clip and the comments to Paul Eidelberg and he was pleased to see that that I am trying to get the message out. Check out the link here http://marklevinfan.com/?p=257#comments for the audio clip of Benyamin Netanyahu and full comments.


Blogger theshuffles said...

This is what I have been saying for a while, thanks for getting the message out. The government here is not democratic, people vote for a party, not an individual and the party then appoints its own group of people whose only aim is to retain power and status quo...why wasnt likud outed before this? Well, in a country where anyone can and does start a party voting for the largest one assures that the government retains any ability to govern, voting for small parties assures splintering of the government into small and inneffective small interest groups.

Once that party wins the majority it then self-appoints the same old power hawks, who then can do anything they want (once the election is over).

Another tried and true method to remain in power, do what you want and not have to be accountable to any constituents: run on a strong platform with certain promises, get in power, appoint in the party everyone who will cater to your whims, and then do a 180 degree turn around and do the exact opposite of what you promised...and no one can touch you. Sounds like a recipe for success. I think I'll become an israeli politician.

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