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It has been reported that the violence against a group of demonstrators in Amona resulted in over 144 wounded who were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Eleven people were evacuated by IDF helicopters and six are in serious condition. Close to 300 others were treated in a medical tent giant tent nearby.
One injured protestor said, 'We were standing in the front line, with no intention of using violence or anything, and all of a sudden the police just rained down on us with horses and clubs...�
AFSI chairman, Herbert Zweibon states: �Olmert�s use of violence against the demonstrators in Amona was unprovoked and brutal.�
�Ehud Olmert apparently believes that he impresses his supporters with this violence and that his election bid will be strengthened. That is yet to be seen. It is more likely that his brutality will backfire. The images of police brutality may be the beginning of the end of Olmert�s career - especially since what happened in a Amona seems a clear message that Olmert would �unilaterally disengage� from all of Judea and Samaria in spite of Hamas� victory - turning the heart of Israel into Hamastan.�
'The victory of jihadists in the recent Arab elections has given pause to almost all Western leaders, but Olmert�s response has been callous and brutal disregard for patriotic Jewish citizens of Israel. The body politic of Israel will react with sorrow and the imperative for new leadership.' "


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Regardless of my opinion of the violence, I compare Olmert's move in this instance to Bibi quitting the government when he did. A pathetic move to perhaps win the chance to gain a few points in the polls. Just like it backfired on Bibi, it has horribly backfired on Olmert.

He wants to show Israel that he will be tough on illegal outposts and "carry out" what Sharon started. What happened in Amona could have easily been prevented had Olmert agreed to the very reasonable compromise offered by YESHA and the settlers of Amona. But, no, he wanted to "make and example" out of Amona. Then, he puts his foots further down his throat by saying that he would not call for an investigation into the violence that took place in Amona. After that move, I was actually thinking that Olmert was trying to sabotage his own campaign. He couldn't be that stupid, right? But, no, he actually thinks he did the right thing.

I know how I'm voting. I want the right and extreme right wing parties to get enough seats so that Olmert will have no choice but to form a right wing coolition and will not be able to tear the country apart like Olmert seems so greatly to want to do. What have we gotten ourselves into?

2:51 PM  
Blogger shalom2006 said...

We must remember what the Talmud states:
"Whoever destroys a single life destroys the entire world; whoever saves a single life saves the world entire."
Let's join together to keep all settlers free from violence.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Barry Freedman said...


I think you got it right and I believe that there many out there like you. Olmert and his boys are in for a big dissapointment. At that point who knows? ---
A mass defection from Qadima?

8:02 PM  
Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Hey there, haven't had a post in more than 2 months. Have missed your insights, especially with everything that's happening around here right now. Hope to see something of yours soon.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Are you done blogging?

3:23 AM  
Blogger Barry Freedman said...

Oleh Chadasha,

I haven't blogged in a long time. I was wondering if you still take a look from time to time.

6:50 PM  

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