Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ehud Jihad Olmert has lost his grip.

He actually thinks he can win the election in March? Everybody already knows that the polls are cooked and that the media is backing his party of criminals and losers at levels of propaganda and distortions as yet unseen in the New Middle East. It’s not really his party though. I should point that out. It is the guy in a coma who hangs on banners the size of buildings behind Jihad as he speaks – like Mao or Stalin.

It’s true that he has the SUPREME COURT and the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the POLICE and the JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT in America – acquiescing silently to his pogrom -- besides the MEDIA on his side, but the people are just not that dumb to vote in a man and a party whose platform is more and more HAMASTAN.

Of course, there are many voters who are so disgusted with what they have seen over the last few years that they don’t want to even acknowledge the system that despises, humiliates and robs them – but that might all have changed at Amona – to be replaced by righteous anger, some real deep down hatred, and a conviction that anything is better than going forward (kadima) with Jihad.

Yes, Jihad Olmert crossed the line in Amona and it won’t take a lot to get the people out to end his pathetic career before it has even begun. What we need now is a little unity on the right to get the ball rolling.

The rally of 100,000 in Jerusalem is just the beginning.


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