Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Column: France and Geneva

According to Debka, al Qaeda is in Europe in very large numbers. This means that the escalation of violence in France is almost certain. Debka also reports that al Qaeda has a “massive” and growing presence in Sinai, and Gaza.

How significant is the presence of al Qaeda in Europe?

On February 20, 2004, Debka claimed that French intelligence statistics estimated that:

“al Qaeda had recruited in France between 35,000 and 45,000 fighters and was organizing them in military-style units. They meet regularly for training in the use of weapons and explosives, combat tactics and indoctrination and are controlled from local and district command centers under the organization’s national French command. In Germany, Al Qaeda’s numbers are estimated at 25,000 to 30,000 men.”

Debka sees evidence of the influence of al Qaeda in France over the last days in the following incident:

. “On Nov. 6, the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, UOIF, issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims to seek “divine grace” by blindly attacking private and public property and urging meditation and calm. The following night, bands of marauding Muslim youths extended their areas of attack from outlying city districts to urban centers and started shooting at police officers.”

That the bands of Muslims are ignoring a fatwa by the UOIF, shows, according to Debka that there is another, more important, and far more dangerous player involved behind the scenes:

“The controlling hand, far from being legitimate Muslim authority, is beginning to emerge as the very organization that has for several years been recruiting young fighters in French Muslim ghettos to fight al Qaeda’s wars against the West in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq and other sectors.”

According to the analysis at Debka, the leaders in Europe are out of touch with the reality of al Qaeda’s influence. Preferring to maintain that the riots are economic and social in nature they are ignoring what they fear most and are appealing to moderate Muslims while facing their own intifada:

“France’s leaders, like the British and Dutch, are clinging to the hope that sympathetic dialogue with moderate Muslims will calm the street, despite all the evidence that radical, activist Muslims do not heed established Islamic authorities.”

In a recent article titled “Jihad in Europe?” which appeared on Frontpagemag.com, Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, asks the relevant question:

“As is becoming increasingly well known, Osama bin Laden and others all over the world want to unify the Islamic world under a restored caliphate, reestablish the rule of Islamic law, and extend the hegemony of that law, Sharia, to the rest of the world also. Does that play any role in the French riots?”

Spencer questions, almost to the point of rejection, the socio-economic spin that the media and Europe have put on the riots and brings a long list of evidence pointing to Jihad.

One of the more revealing pieces of evidence he brings is from a Muslim blogger:

“The cops are petrified of us, everything must burn, starting Monday, the operation ‘Midnight Sun’ starts, tell everyone else, rendezvous for Momo and Abdul in Zone 4 ... jihad Islamia Allah Akhbar.” Another added: “You don’t really think that we’re going to stop now? Are you stupid? It will continue, non-stop. We aren’t going to let up. The French won’t do anything and soon, we will be in the majority here.”

Anti-Semitic attacks and the hands off approach to Muslim businesses by the rioters also weigh against the socio-economic spin according to Spencer.

Ynet reported the following anti-Semitic incidents:

“Arsonists threw at least two Molotov cocktails at synagogues in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine and Garges, leaving worshippers unhurt and elsewhere, near the synagogue of Stains, about 40 rioters confronted police forces who were braced for an attack.”

Meanwhile, in what would appear to be a bizarre juxtaposition of events, Israel's inner cabinet voted on November 1st to request the European Union to monitor and secure the Egyptian-Gaza border. Sylvan Shalom, Israel's foreign minister, told Haaretz, "Our objective is for the Europeans to have enforcement capabilities in the field, and not just a symbolic presence".

Enforcement capabilities in the field? Count on Europe to keep out the hordes? Maybe later, as a reward, become a part of the EU by adopting the Geneva Accord? Give up everything to the 67’ borders and expel another 100,000 Jews from their homes? Give up half of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount? Extend the “right of return” for “Palestinians” to within the 67’ borders?

All of this and more is the price Israel would pay to be part of the EU via Geneva. Yet, unless something changes fast – and the intifada in France might be just the right catalyst – this is the “peace plan” that heaven forbid will be blindly and tyrannically forced upon the Jewish people by a handful of Europhile “leaders.”


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This is entirely off-topic. I would like to see your comment on this, given your background in law.


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Thanks for sending that. My comments? It certainly is a heart warming decision -- we could use some judges like that over here. It also should silence (but won't) all those who fear violation of the establishment clause in any expression of faith in the public domain. Freedom of religion will remain alive and well in the hands of those who value the original intent of the constitution -- contray to the fears of those that would wipe religion from the public domain by stretching the establishment clause completely beyond its intended purpose of guarding against another Church of England.

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