Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ScrappleFace: Iraq Constitution Approval Another Setback for Bush

ScrappleFace:Iraq Constitution Approval Another Setback for Bush: "

(2005-10-25) --

In yet another setback for the Bush administration, Iraqi electoral officials announced today that voters have approved the new Iraqi Constitution by a margin of 78-to-21 percent.
This new bit of bad news will likely drive President George Bush's popularity ratings into the single digits, according to an unnamed expert from a non-partisan, progressive political think-tank.

'The Bush foreign policy continues to be fatally-wounded by clarity of purpose, dogged persistence and a pathetic failure to capitulate in the face of opposition,' the source said. 'At a time when a real leader would be paralyzed with self-doubt over the meaningless deaths of 2,000 American troops, Bush continues to act as if freeing 25 million Iraqis from decades of oppression, torture and death is somehow worth the price paid by those who volunteered to fight.'

'It's sad to watch our international credibility crumble like this,' the anonymous policy expert said. 'In 2008, I'm afraid you're going to see voters leaving the Republican party in droves, desperate to find a leader who provides a stronger sense of nuance and ambiguity.'"


Blogger Cosmic X said...

OT - I thought that you would find this post at Biur Chametz interesting.

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Blogger Barry Freedman said...

Thanks CX. Interesting indeed.

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