Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Column: Railroad to Hell

Shimon Peres has a new project to help bring “peace’ to the Middle East following on the “success” of the “disengagement.” It’s a railroad from Gaza to the “West Bank” that would enable the “Palestinians” to transfer some of the huge cache of weapons they have gathered in Gaza to Judea and Samaria. It will also provide a route for terrorists to reach the heart of Israel.

Can you believe this? Is there no end to the insanity of this appeasement? Nothing ever deters Peres from pushing forward towards his goal of what appears to so many to simply be the destruction of Israel.

But how can it be that someone would want to destroy his own country? Could such a thing really be?

Sadly, the answer is that such a thing can certainly be and it is a phenomenon that is not solely found in Israel. Look at the European Union. Was national sovereignty of the member nations not, to a great extent, given up to the EC? And look no further than America and see how the far-left has embraced the Jihadists and hope for the downfall of America as David Horowitz has exposed and explained so well in his book, “Unholy Alliance – Radical Islam and the American Left.”

Lately, I have drawn from the writings of John Fonte of the Hudson Institute who sees the upcoming two decades defined as the struggle between the nation-state and transnational-progressivism, or the push for an expansion of what we have seen in Europe on a global scale.

So, if you want to understand what looks like complete insanity on the part of Israel’s leadership, or on the contrary, if you wish to have the blind faith some Americans place in Israel’s ‘leadership” put under a light that makes it understandable and open to scrutiny, then enter the mind of Shimon Peres and his New Middle East – a world where there is nothing to fear as huge funds are raised and great powers orchestrated to bring about a utopian dream which will be shared by both Jews and Arabs – turning the desert green and standing as a beacon of hope for the whole world to admire. All that is needed is true belief and the willingness to make concession after concession to Israel’s sworn enemies to keep the dream alive, the funds flowing and the nations involved.

How’s that for a railroad?

And where does the security of Jews rank in this utopia? Where do values of Jews rank in this utopia? Where do the rights of Jews to the Land of Israel and their own homes and lives rank in this utopian vision? Where does the idea of a safe haven for the Jews rank in this mind? I don’t know if they rank at all. What evidence have we seen that they do? We are in the post-Zionist era and Shimon Peres wants to cut Israel in half with a railroad that will bring missiles and suicide bombers brought from what is now the worlds greatest terrorist base in Gaza to within striking distance of the population center of Israel – not to mention the threat to those Jews living in Judea and Samaria whose already dangerous situation will turn hellish.

Is this a time for American Jews to sit quietly and trust Israel’s “democratically elected leadership” on faith that it is built on an idea of Jewish nationalism that the “leadership” has self admittedly “grown out of” or is it time take a good hard look and ask what am I supporting when I support them blindly – saying they know best? Do they know better than the people of Israel? Is it the place of American Jews to take the side of these leaders in the name of “democracy?” Who are these “leaders” that have forced an Israeli public that has rejected this “process” over and over again to live in the nightmare that is their dream and why should they be supported when the people are suffering and the people say NO! What is their crime that their “leadership” should betray them? Is Jewish nationalism so repugnant that it is not worthy of a place in this world?

The story of the railroad I found on Debka. There were some interesting points made there and it is worth reading. The first point is a debunking of the stated purpose of the road or railroad – that without it Gaza will be a Palestinian prison.

“The Gaza Strip is no prison without this link: wide open to the neighboring Sinai region and Egypt to the south. But the Palestinians, including the Palestinian Authority, have made no productive use of their unrestricted access. Aside from a few family visits, this opening is used for nothing but the accumulation of a mountain of war materiel and the passage of terrorists.”

The rest of the article warns of the dangers involved.


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