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It has been reported that the violence against a group of demonstrators in Amona resulted in over 144 wounded who were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Eleven people were evacuated by IDF helicopters and six are in serious condition. Close to 300 others were treated in a medical tent giant tent nearby.
One injured protestor said, 'We were standing in the front line, with no intention of using violence or anything, and all of a sudden the police just rained down on us with horses and clubs...�
AFSI chairman, Herbert Zweibon states: �Olmert�s use of violence against the demonstrators in Amona was unprovoked and brutal.�
�Ehud Olmert apparently believes that he impresses his supporters with this violence and that his election bid will be strengthened. That is yet to be seen. It is more likely that his brutality will backfire. The images of police brutality may be the beginning of the end of Olmert�s career - especially since what happened in a Amona seems a clear message that Olmert would �unilaterally disengage� from all of Judea and Samaria in spite of Hamas� victory - turning the heart of Israel into Hamastan.�
'The victory of jihadists in the recent Arab elections has given pause to almost all Western leaders, but Olmert�s response has been callous and brutal disregard for patriotic Jewish citizens of Israel. The body politic of Israel will react with sorrow and the imperative for new leadership.' "

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Secret Saddam Tapes on ABC 'Nightline'

This is going to be a big story. Perhaps even biggeer than the cartoons and the hunting accident -- IF the MSM COVERS IT.

Secret Saddam Tapes on ABC 'Nightline'
This article by reporter Sherrie Gossett originally appeared at
Secret audiotapes of Saddam Hussein discussing ways to attack America with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will be the subject of an ABC 'Nightline' program Wednesday night, a former federal prosecutor told Cybercast News Service.
The tapes are being called the 'smoking gun' of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The New York Sun reported that the tapes have been authenticated and currently are being reviewed by the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
The panel's chairman, Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., declined to give the Sun details of the content or context of the recordings, saying only that they were provided to his committee by former federal prosecutor John Loftus.
Loftus has been tight-lipped about the tapes, telling the Sun only that he received them from a 'former American military intelligence analyst.'
On Tuesday night, Loftus told Cybercast News Service that ABC's 'Nightline' would air an 'extensive report' on the tapes Wednesday night. Loftus also described an ABC News teaser, which reportedly contains audio of Saddam Hussein discussing ways to attack America with WMD. 'Nightline will have a lot more,' said Loftus.
The tapes are scheduled to be revealed to the public Friday morning at the opening session of The Intelligence Summit, a conference which brings together intelligence professionals from around the world.

Rest of story:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Muhammad by Ann Coulter - Feb 8, 2006 :: Columns :: Calvin and Hobbes -- and Muhammad by Ann Coulter - Feb 8, 2006:

Just some of it ...

"In order to express their displeasure with the idea that Muslims are violent, thousands of Muslims around the world engaged in rioting, arson, mob savagery, flag-burning, murder and mayhem, among other peaceful acts of nonviolence.
Muslims are the only people who make feminists seem laid-back.
The little darlings brandish placards with typical Religion of Peace slogans, such as: 'Behead Those Who Insult Islam,' 'Europe, you will pay, extermination is on the way' and 'Butcher those who mock Islam.' They warn Europe of their own impending 9/11 with signs that say: 'Europe: Your 9/11 will come' -- which is ironic, because they almost had me convinced the Jews were behind the 9/11 attack.
The rioting Muslims claim they are upset because Islam prohibits any depictions of Muhammad -- though the text is ambiguous on beheadings, suicide bombings and flying planes into skyscrapers.
The belief that Islam forbids portrayals of Muhammad is recently acquired. Back when Muslims created things, rather than blowing them up, they made paintings, frescoes, miniatures and prints of Muhammad. "

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Great Pictures From Rally

Looks like Olmert is history. This is a huge rally. Check out the pictures.

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Olmert Looks Ridiculous

"Residents of Gush Etzion, upon learning that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert planned a visit to the area, wrote him a letter asking him not to come."

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

That's Right!

This poll by the ZOA confirms what I wrote last night. Olmert crossed the line at Amona following the Hamas victory. His refusal of an investigation only made it worse. See ya Jihad.

"A poll by a leading Israeli agency shows a majority of Israelis oppose more withdrawals under the current circumstances and reveals that a third of the country is still unsure who to vote for.

The poll shows that the Israeli public, including a large percentage of Kadima voters, does not support additional significant unilateral withdrawals if it becomes clear that the PA will not fight terror and that US President George W. Bush's Road Map Plan is therefore impossible to implement.

The Maagar Mochot poll, carried out by Professor Yitzchak Katz this past Sunday and Monday, also revealed a startling public-opinion trend glossed over by other pollsters in recent months - that the nation is not convinced that Kadima or Likud deserve their vote. Analysts say that this leaves room for the Nationalists and Religious Zionists to attract votes on an anti-withdrawal platform -one-third of the population refused to reveal who they would vote for, or otherwise said they were undecided when questioned by pollsters.

The survey also demonstrates that the lack of support for further withdrawals in the current political climate is even present within Kadima voters, with 46% unwilling to vocalize support for such withdrawals and 32% of self-proclaimed Kadima voters denying that a vote for Kadima is a vote for further retreats. These results illustrate the confusing message of the Kadima Party, whose leaders, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz both advocate further unilateral withdrawals in response to the victory of Hamas. Kadima's spokespeople and election campaign, however, consists of ambiguous statements and pictures of comatose Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The poll was commissioned by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and consisted of a representative ..."

Complete story:

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Smooth Stone: View the Muhammad Cartoon Gallery

Ehud Jihad Olmert has lost his grip.

He actually thinks he can win the election in March? Everybody already knows that the polls are cooked and that the media is backing his party of criminals and losers at levels of propaganda and distortions as yet unseen in the New Middle East. It’s not really his party though. I should point that out. It is the guy in a coma who hangs on banners the size of buildings behind Jihad as he speaks – like Mao or Stalin.

It’s true that he has the SUPREME COURT and the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the POLICE and the JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT in America – acquiescing silently to his pogrom -- besides the MEDIA on his side, but the people are just not that dumb to vote in a man and a party whose platform is more and more HAMASTAN.

Of course, there are many voters who are so disgusted with what they have seen over the last few years that they don’t want to even acknowledge the system that despises, humiliates and robs them – but that might all have changed at Amona – to be replaced by righteous anger, some real deep down hatred, and a conviction that anything is better than going forward (kadima) with Jihad.

Yes, Jihad Olmert crossed the line in Amona and it won’t take a lot to get the people out to end his pathetic career before it has even begun. What we need now is a little unity on the right to get the ball rolling.

The rally of 100,000 in Jerusalem is just the beginning.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Major Anti-Semitic Motifs in Arab Cartoons

Good Coverage on Amona:

Olmert has shown he is not a pacifist after all -- when it comes to Jews that is.

See video and pictures here:

Sultan Knish

Thursday, December 08, 2005 - Amir Peretz' Master Plan to Destroy Israel