Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Paul Eidelberg - The Hidden Agenda of Ariel Sharon and Aharon Barak

In February of this year, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told his cabinet, “Anyone who speaks or writes against the Disengagement Plan is guilty of incitement”—a criminal offense.
With this fascist decree, Sharon laid the foundation for the countless abuses of civil rights perpetrated by the police and the judiciary against those who protested against the forced expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria.

Sharon’s arch collaborator in this immoral and unlawful expulsion was none other than Aharon Barak, President of the Supreme Court, otherwise known as the High Court of Justice. Their hidden agenda: to hasten the demise of Israel as a Jewish state.

Ponder the following: The Israel Center and Honenu Legal Defense Association has just issued a report entitled “Israeli Government Violations of Disengagement Opponents’ Civil Rights.” Passages of the report have been cited in The Jerusalem Post (November 1, 2005).

The authors of the report, Itzhak Barn, Yitzhak Klein and Shmuel Medad, contend that “Israel’s law enforcement authorities engaged in widespread and systematic abuses of the civil rights of opponents of disengagement and of due process in prosecuting those accused of violating the law.” They state that “the phenomenon documented in this report did not occur in a vacuum, were not the acts of rogue cops, rogue prosecutors or rogue judges, but were the consequence of Israel’s law enforcement and judicial systems.”

The authors charge that “official directives, judgments of the Supreme Court and public statements by the heads of the legal system” encouraged the view that “civil and due process rights of opponents of the government’s policy deserved short shrift, and to signal to the police that these rights might be violated with impunity.”

The report avows that Attorney General Menahem Mazuz and the courts were the prime culprits in violating the rights of the protesters. The authors claim that “The state prosecution service and the judiciary chose to see protest as a form of rebellion and authorized harsh measures against those taking part in it. Police were all but promised immunity from punishment for violation of the rights of disengagement’s opponents, and accordingly gave those rights little respect.”

The report charged, that “in the early rulings, the Supreme Court [headed by Aharon Barak] set the tone for the attitude of the lower courts throughout the disengagement process by referring to acts of protest as ‘ideological crimes.’” (This accords with Sharon’s statement to the cabinet cited above.)

The report also accused the courts of violating “the terms of the arrest law by improperly holding protesters in detention after their arrest.” “Pretrial detention was imposed not in a few or in exceptional cases, but massively and systematically”—surely to intimidate and deter the protesters.

The Post concludes, saying that the report cited case studies of different types of human rights violations “including extended detentions and police brutality toward minors, police brutality in other situations, false arrest and violations of prisoners’ rights and of due process, the allegedly unjustified involvement of the GSS [General Security Service] in fighting the protest movement and suppression of legal dissent.”

No one should be surprised by this report. Did not Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin candidly declare, in an interview with Ha'aretz (June 5, 2003), that Israel is ruled by a “gang of law”? Did he not indicate that Prime Minister Sharon and Supreme Court President Aharon Barak are the leaders of this gang?

Has not Mr. Sharon been called a “dictator” by various members of the Knesset? Has not the Supreme Court repeatedly handed down rulings that violate the abiding beliefs of the Jewish people? Is it not the case that these rulings are intended to transform the Jewish state into “a state of its citizens”—the agenda implied in the March 2003 coalition guidelines of the Sharon government?

As the present writer has elsewhere demonstrated, Sharon’s adoption of the Left’s territorial withdrawal plan, which was criticized by Israel’s highest military and intelligence officials, has no strategic and no diplomatic justification. That plan is ideologically motivated. This could have been discerned from the Barak court’s bald statement that protests against disengagement are “ideological crimes.”

Barak’s agenda is clear. He ruled that even though the expulsion of Jews from their homes violates Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom, their expulsion may be justified in cases of national security—as if IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen Moshe Ya’alon and a dozen other experts had not testified that the Sharon withdrawal plan would undermine Israel’s nation security. What animates Judge Barak?

Consciously or unconsciously, he must be aware that withdrawal from any part of the sacred Land of Israel—all of which is identified with the teachings of the prophets and sages—will gradually shrink the historical memory of the Jewish people.

Hence it is my contention that territorial withdrawal is intended to undermine Jewish national identity and thereby prevent the eventual political ascendancy of the prolific religious community—of Jews like those of Gush Katif.

Therefore, not the Arabs, not terrorism, but as indicated in the above report, the hidden agenda of Ariel Sharon and Aharon Barak is to emasculate Jews and erase Israel’s Jewish character! This is the overriding challenge confronting the Jewish people.

Prof. Eidelberg, special to, is a political scientist, author and lecturer; co-founder and president of The Foundation For Constitutional Democracy and is the President of the Yamin Israel movement. - The Hidden Agenda of Ariel Sharon and Aharon Barak


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