Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rivlin States Obvious -- Aharon Barak in Denial

"'The Israeli public feels the Israeli democracy's police and legal mechanisms are designed to serve their own political goals,' Rivlin continued.

'I don't know if the High Court will be able to win the confidence of those who don't have a stake in what the court has come to represent,' Rivlin concluded.

High Court President Aharon Barak maintained at the gathering that 'in the courthouses in Israel there are professional judges, who work without political influence, and before them everyone is equal.'

'Israeli legal judgement is apolitical. This is how we have been since the first day of the state, this is how we are now, and this, I am sure, is how we will be in the future as well,' Barak said.

'The struggle against terror has to be carried out within the boundaries of the law, not in violation of the law. Individual rights have to be guarded in times of fighting as in times of peace. This is a war carried out with human rights in mind.'"

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