Thursday, September 01, 2005

Warning: Israel in Danger -- Salona on the Prowl

A friend put this together. Get educatated on what Salona, Beilen and the rest have planned. It means the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

This email arrived this morning:

"I am writing to you because something has come to my attention that I think jews here are relatively unaware of, and it is crucial to the survival of the state of Israel as a jewish state. Whatever political changes happen in the next months, and however we pick ourselves up and continue, knowledge of this information is vital. The following must be made an issue in the upcoming elections, and politicians must be forced by the electorate to voice their opinion on this issue. People also need to be informed so that we can make it an issue.

I was going to write a formal and less candid article about it, and still plan to. I think, however, that the wheels are turning very fast right now in terms of groups uniting and mobilising forces, planning the next step, so I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. Here is a rough summary:

It seems that Sharon, Netanyahu, Beilin, Peres and Co. have been meeting with Solana and the EU for a while now, actually hoping to get membership in the EU. EU has said, "alright, we'll consider you if you just make some changes" (and you can guess what those are). The Israeli government has indicated that it needs some years to complete the process. In the meantime, we are at an in-between stage, taking part in an EU program called the "European Neighborhood Policy". The ENP calls for Israel to do all sorts of things to bring standards up to what they want (or down to, depending on how you look at it). Its being sold on its more attractive virtues: open markets, opportunities for joint research, open borders, etc, etc.

But the price for this is very high. Disengagement. Gaza. Shomron. Jerusalem. revokal of the law of return, completely changing the demographics of the state (no more jewish state- its a racist concept), thwarting of "fundamentalism", giving arabs basically everything they want and then some. Oh yea, and millions of euros to grease the wheels (or palms) of the palestinian fledgling state and save them from the malnutrition of the evil jewish imperialists oppressors.

All of this well documented and its not just Sharon. We are well on the way to joining Solana's megalomaniac greater european reality. Official media reports have downplayed the entrance into the ENP and its implications, but closer analysis reveals that we are really in the middle of a process with a definate goal.

Its a proxy war that Europe is waging, it's actually waging a war with America, a bid for more power and influence in the Middle East via Israel. So it sends millions to terrorists and courts those interests here which are secular and pro-european.

It has a lot to do with money interests and potential markets for some of the wealthiest jews here in Israel who also have great political influence through their wealth. There are also prominent jews involved on the other side of the Atlantic.

Partner in our discussions is Javier Solana, a man who has silently amassed powers in the European Community disproportionate to a healthy allottment to any one man in a democratic system. Some who have observed his machinations in the past years have actually likened him to Hitler in this amalgation of power. His political views are cloaked in the word "peace", but his real view of Jews and Israel make him a danger that we need to be aware of. He was the first international statesman to meet with Sharon after the disengagement, and he is now pushing toward concessions over Jerusalem.

If there is interest I will plow ahead and try to write something readable, factual and informative to get this information out. It is very important.

In the meantime, for further reading:
(Please excuse this source, it is a list of links to articles in jewish newspapers, compiled on a palestinian site- they have truly done their homework and that is why I include it here) article I include because it casts serious doubt on the theory that Sharon has been forced by America to do as he has done. See the second to last paragraph) "


Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

you got to use the right lingo to describe these monsters. Call Beilin a Vichyite and Solana a fascist. Don't let the enemy monopolize the semantic field. In fact these are perfectly reasonable descriptions. Re the Israeli peace camp and vichy, see the article "the peace process, then and now" [something like that] on the site.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Barry Freedman said...

Thanks for the comments and the link. I read the article and posted it as well. It is very interesting. I see why "vichy" seems appropriate but if Solana is a fascist then do you view the EU as a nation?

3:25 PM  

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