Wednesday, September 14, 2005

galileeblog: Sharon's Quest for Love

I posted this a few days ago and here it is again. The border has already been breached so it's dated but you get the idea.

galileeblog:Sharon's Quest for Love:

:) "The main threat that the international community is holding over Sharon's head in its effort to secure free terrorist passage from Egypt to Gaza is the withholding of their love for him at Sharon's upcoming UN appearance. The international community however, is sure that Sharon will come through. 'More than any other Israeli leader who has squandered the security and future of his people for his own personal interests, Sharon has shown a proclivity towards national and self abasement that can be counted on. We love him dearly already and will love him even more dearly in short order. He is a true leader who has shown his people the train tracks back to international endearment,' said one European admirer."


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