Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Duck Now Gets Ahead

:) New progressive/submissive political party, Duck Now, has praised statements of Uzi Dayan calling for the destruction of another 32 Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. "Dayan has endorsed completely the platform of Duck Now," said one progressive/submissive. "More than ever we can hold our heads low."

Real excerpts:

"Giving the reason for his plan, Dayan said that "the disengagement from Gaza has brought about the collapse of two fundamental concepts of Israeli politics, the end of retaining the entire land of Israel, and the end of the idea of territories for peace. Both concepts could not stand up to the test of reality."

Dayan said that some blocs of communities in Judea and Samaria, such as Ma'ale Adumim, Ariel, Kiryat Arba, and Bet El, would be retained by Israel under his plan.

Dayan said Israel would be "stronger" without Gaza and without Shechem. Withdrawing from those places strengthens "Israel's national essence, eliminates ruling another nation, and provides an opening for co-existence."

Dayan estimates the expulsion and destruction of an additional 32 towns would cost Israeli taxpayers NIS 16 billion."

Full Story:

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:


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