Monday, September 19, 2005

Duck Now

:) Israel's new moonbat strategy -- DUCK!

Israelis are learning new ways of hunkering, ducking, running, and hiding after the expulsion proved to be the beginning of HamasQaedastan. "The lessons learned in Gaza are being used to move forward with the "peace process," said one Peace Moonbat. "Soon all of Israel will benefit from the lessons we learned there." It is reported that a new political party is forming. It is called Duck Now.

Real, Full Story:

By Aaron Klein

"With many Israeli Negev towns within firing range of the Gaza Strip – now completely under Palestinian control – the Israeli Defense Forces is preparing Jewish children in the area to get used to attacks, teaching them about Qassam rockets and terrorist infiltrations. Gaza is armed and the terrorists there have already started firing Qassams into [the Negev towns],' a spokesman from the Home Front Command, a division of the IDF, told WND. 'We're trying to condition the children to get used to attacks so they have some sort of secure feeling when they start to hear that all these bad things might happen to them.'
With the Israeli withdrawal complete, over 40 Negev communities are now on the front lines, some just a stone's throw from the border with Gaza. All area communities are vulnerable to mortar and rocket attacks, and terrorist infiltration. Some, including farming communities on the outskirts of Gaza, are within sniper firing range.
In July, a local woman was killed when a Qassam landed directly above her.
The Home Front Command is going from school to school this week offering sessions to kids on the new realities on the ground.
'We teach them about the threats and how to defend against them. Like reporting suspicious objects and finding shelter from gunfire,' said the spokesman.
As part of the lesson, the kids are asked to draw a Qassam rocket and are shown a diagram that explains the makeup and firing qualities of the Palestinian rocket.
The kids are told not all Qassam attacks are deadly, the spokesman explained.
'The majority of rockets land in open fields, that's a statistical fact. Those attacks, if one is inside or not near, won't kill or physically hurt anyone.'
The children are also given a booklet that asks them to write their feelings about different kinds of attacks, and tests their preparedness for specific attacks.
Palestinian terrorists have already fired mortars and Qassams at several Negev towns, including Sderot and Yad Mordechai.
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WorldNetDaily: Rocket lessons for kids: 'This is a Qassam': "


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I think there is a great future for DUCK NOW. It will undoubtedly grow in popularity as more and more people feel the need to join it in its compelling platform.

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