Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flashback: August 24: Egypt Gaza Border Patrol Agreed

"Gen Gilad said both sides had reached a 'very detailed agreement down to the last pistol'.
Some 750 Egyptian troops will patrol the border after Israel pulls soldiers out of the area, scene of frequent clashes with militants.
Israel has insisted for months that Egypt must boost its security presence at the border, along the so-called 'Philadelphi route' buffer zone that divides Gaza from Egypt.
The deal came after Egypt promised not to transfer weapons to the Palestinian Authority after the pullout. "

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egypt Gaza border patrol agreed:

Fast Forward to Today:

"Amos Gilad, an adviser to Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, blasted the current border situation.

"The infiltration of Palestinians constitutes a potential threat to Egypt's security, and the Egyptians are aware of this," Gilad to Israeli radio. "Some take advantage of the situation along the border to smuggle arms and ammunition into the Gaza Strip, which will be used to carry out attacks, but also to defy the Palestinian Authority.

Amos continued, "Egypt is a big country which claims to respect the agreements it signs. It is inconceivable that Egypt as a sovereign state does not control its frontiers."

Full Story:

What went wrong!?!


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