Sunday, August 07, 2005

Eurabia? by Niall Ferguson

This artilce by Ferguson is a gentle and polite warning that echoes the dire warnings of Bat Yeor in her books. It is worth reading because it is evidence that even the NY Times has recognized the threat -- they printed this piece in 2004.

"Today, however, the idea seems somewhat less risible. The French historian Alain Besancon is one of a number of European intellectuals who detect a significant threat to the continent's traditional Christian culture. The Egyptian-born writer Bat Yeor has for some years referred to the rise of a new "Eurabia" that is hostile in equal measure to the United States and Israel. Two years ago, Pat Buchanan published an apocalyptic book, titled The Death of the West, prophesying that declining European fertility and immigration from Muslim countries could turn "the cradle of Western civilization" into "its grave."

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Eurabia? by Niall Ferguson:


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