Friday, August 05, 2005

Rush Is Right: Media Gushes Over "Sexy" Coward Zawahiri

Check out the transcript and audio clip here:

Rush Is Right: Media Gushes Over "Sexy" Coward Zawahiri:

This is an excerpt:

"This whole cycle is just maddening. I'm fed up. This is permitted propaganda, and it's all done under the guise of news. We should have just bombed al-Jazeera out of existence. 'Oh, no, Rush, you can't do that, if you shut down al-Jazeera, the terrorists win.' No, you wackos, you shut down al-Jazeera, the winner will be us, the good guys. What's so hard to figure out about this? As I say, any 'leader' who does not appear live before his people ought not get airtime to television, it's just that simple. It's like this guy may as well be an alien that landed and has got the world in his groups and every time he speaks the world goes, 'Oh, no, are we safe for awhile? Zawahiri's got a video out. Oh, no!' Big deal, folks. I mean, Saddam appeared before his people. Castro does, Kim Il-Thug, whatever he is, does it. Bush does it. Sometimes the Democrats appear before their people. You know, no live appearances, no TV time. It ought to be the rule. Really, I know this may sound funny to you, but I'm not trying to be funny about it. Why do we constantly want to be on the defensive? Oh, no, Zawahiri's got a new tape! He's threatening Britain again and the United States, and Bill Schneider is going to take a poll and find that 42% Americans agree with him! But here's the thing: If you don't have the guts to appear in public, you are either a craven coward or a special effect, and that's all this guy is, is a special effect -- and it starts this unending media cycle. I'm sorry, folks. It just makes me mad. "


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