Sunday, August 07, 2005

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****** Cosmic X ******: Bibi Resigns!: "Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bibi Resigns!
It's about time! Here are some excerpts from his resignation letter:
"It's becoming clear that the unilateral withdrawal under fire is not giving us a thing. The opposite is true, it undermines the security of Israel, splits the nation, entrenches the principle of withdrawal to the 1967 borders, which are not defensible, and is not the way to achieve peace,"u Netanyahu wrote in his letter.

"What do we get in exchange for the withdrawal?" Bibi asks in his resignation notice. �What do we get in return for the uprooting of families and their children, homes, and graves? We'll get an Islamic terror base. In recent months I hoped the government would open its eyes in the face of this clear reality and change course, but the opposite happened."

"A balanced government reflecting the will of the people in the last elections has turned into a government that automatically executes a policy that contradicts Likud principals and the mandate we received from our voters."
Let's hope that other ministers will follow suit!

# posted by Cosmic X @ 4:44 PM

Bibi is nothing if not a consummate master of the political game. He knows his resignation comes too late to affect the outcome of Sharon's plan and yet he can read the handwriting on the wall and knows his political future depends upon taking the opposition's side today. We won't forget, Bibi!! Ha'am rotzeh et Moshe (Feiglin)!

# posted by Anonymous : 6:08 PM

Moshe Feiglin should leave the Likud if the expulsion is pushed through so that we can all watch with great joy the sinking of Likud into the political abyss -- a worthy end for it and a national symbol of our disdain for tyranny. Let Netanyahu try to master that ship. As a matter of principle, the party should be shunned forever. Moshe Feiglin would do us all well by pulling the plug on them.

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