Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yossi Sarid From Way Out in Left Field

Haaretz - Israel News - Kerry s wild geese:

Sarid throws his hat in with the anti-war crowd and surprises no one. His advice to Kerry? You should have ran as the true multilateral EU/UN-phile Leftist that you are, Comrade.

"It is certainly not easy to oppose a war looming on the horizon. Who would not want to avenge the Twin Towers? Who would not want to get rid of a bloodstained dictator? And most particularly, who would not want to look the perfect patriot, whose heart is with the soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives on the battlefield?

But in spite of temporary difficulty, a leader has no choice but to stand up and be counted, in 'real time' and not in hindsight, which is a poor and even a contemptible form of wisdom. And if we are going to vote for someone who is for war, let's stay with the one who started it, not a stand-in. Most of the world prefers the real thing and avoids imitations.

That is the main reason why Tony Blair will win the upcoming elections in Great Britain, and the leader of the Conservatives, Michael Howard, will lose. Most of the British public has been awakened from its illusions about the war in Iraq, and it does not appreciate, to put it mildly, seeing its prime minister allowing the American president to wag him like a dog's tail. And still, the British will not put their faith in Howard because he too jumped on Blair's bandwagon speeding eastward. Howard therefore cannot be an alternative, since he is a pale version of the original."


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