Tuesday, August 24, 2004

US Troop Withdrawals From Europe Means Death of Post- Zionism

The US troop withdrawal from Europe will weaken the Israeli Left as France and Germany lose their position of dominance and the Atlanticist "New Europe" states gain leverage. There will be little upside or justification for Israel to hang on to France and Germany -- especially if they choose to oppose the US and dig their heels in. In that case, siding with France and Germany would mean being openly hostile to America -- a position unlikely to be taken by any but the most extreme leftists here. Of course, if Kerry were elected, he would bolster France and Germany -- although I doubt he would bring troops back -- but the whole situation would be foggy -- no troops and yet pro France - Germany. It would prolong F @ G dominance and keep the EU utopian dream alive, encourageing the post-Zionists.

If Bush wins and things go forward I would expect to see a post-post-Zionism. The left will shift away from Europe and Atlanicize - i.e. embrace America and American globalization -- just like New Europe. At that point, if America continues on the course of fighting terror rather than appeasing it then the left here will begin to fade away as they will have no coat tails to cling to. Peres will morph into a Atlanticist with all the rest following in order to get and hold power. That won't succeed because the Bushies are not naiive. It plays well for Netanyahu I believe. The Americans like him -- he speaks the language and knows the culture -- has been there alot and has connections and is known as a free trade capitalist and an anti terror expert.

Netanyahu has been a great dissapointment to the Israeli Right but with clear support from Bush and a strong anti - terror position, the past would likely be forgiven and he would be very hard to beat - perhaps for a very long time.


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