Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We Need a MUCH, MUCH Higher Fence!!

Two Qassam missiles under construction found in West Bank Tuesday during IDF search for bomb factories in Nablus Casbah. Explosive head not yet attached. Qassam missiles hitherto in massive use against Israeli locations by Gaza Strip Palestinian terrorists - not so far on West Bank opposite central Israeli cities. (DEBKA)


Blogger Helen Freedman said...

The latest missiles that fell in Neve Dekalim, seriously wounding a young man sitting at his computer, went through the cement roof that the IDF was sure would be strong enough to prevent such an occurrence. The army was amazed at the damage that was done by the missile. Obviously, reinforcing roofs is not the answer to stopping improved missile technology. It's like the Chelm story of building the hospital at the curve in the road, rather than improving the road and preventing the accidents.

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