Friday, August 20, 2004

Column: Israeli Cowboys

In a recent poll (August 6), conducted by Teleseker/Maariv, adult Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) were asked: "If you could vote in the American presidential elections, who would you vote for?" The total result was Bush 48% / Kerry 29%. Among Likud voters, the result was Bush 69% / Kerry 18%; Labor voters preferred Kerry with 44% to 36% for Bush, and Shinui voters chose Bush 40% over Kerry 37%.

The poll clearly shows the "Israeli Street" -- which knows all too well the reality of terrorism and how to fight it -- resoundingly supports Bush. The poll’s findings are also in line with a recent article that appeared on World Net

The following quotes are from that article by Aaron Klein titled "Sharon has bad attitude toward Kerry? Israel worried about Democrat's cooperation with U.N., EU."

"Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whose statements are considered closely aligned with Sharon's policy, even recently told a meeting of prominent American Jews that he prefers Bush over Kerry... A growing number of Israeli politicians are privately expressing concern over Kerry's statements of coordinating American foreign policy with the Europeans, and of his appointing several former Clinton Mideast policy directors as advisers... "We cannot afford another Clinton era in the Mideast, not at this dangerous time," said an Israeli Likud member."

"We hear speaker after speaker at the Democratic convention talk about joint efforts with the EU and the U.N. Is Kerry going to advocate for releasing Arafat from isolation, like France wants? Will Kerry take a soft approach to Iran, like some in Europe want? Clinton was soft on North Korea and now they have the nuke.What about the security fence? Is Kerry going to tow the U.N. line that we don't have the right to protect ourselves from suicide bombers?" he said.

Kerry’s multilateralism is simply bad for the war on terror. It is not only a threat to Israel but to America and the world. Europe, post modernists, deconstructionists and multilateralists might be reassured of the moral relativism of Kerry’s nuanced nature by his waffling and flip flopping but the ugly reality is that so are bin Laden, Sadr and Arafat. Arafat has recently said that he anxiously awaits a Kerry administration. He has become emboldened and is once again taking credit for terrorist acts and asserting his control over Gaza. It’s been a long time since he visited Washington and I suppose he expects he may soon get an invitation.

Arafat is right to long for Kerry whose multilateralism mixed with a good dose of local post-Zionism -- Israel’s political postmodernism -- could put him right back on top. That post-Zionism has utterly failed in its approach of appeasing and negotiating with terrorists is his bread and butter. While post-Zionism gives clear proof that the application of postmodernism to the political arena -- and specifically into the conflict with Islamofascism -- is a recipe for defeat, this reality has somehow eluded Kerry and Arafat has taken notice.

In an article titled "The Zionist Imperative: The Collapse of Zionism" that can be found on the web site of the WZO, I found the following which shows the cultural roots of what became the leading political ideology of Israel’s left and the hope of the Islamo-fascists. What started out in universities, museums, theaters and on screen morphed into the post-Zionist political ideology that the left leveraged to swallow Israeli nationalism and present a soft target for the terrorists. America should take note.

"In their anti-nationalism, anti-patriotism, cosmopolitanism, and distrust of power, Israeli intellectuals are no different from their counterparts in America, Britain, France, and the rest of the West. Indeed, Israelis are just catching up with deconstructionism and multiculturalism, with Lacan and Foucault. Modern Israeli art and dance and theater offer almost comical attempts to imitate the nihilism of the Western avant-garde. Post-Zionism is really just Western counterculturalism applied to the Jewish Question."

If Israel has only recently caught up to the zeitgeist of postmodernism in the arts, it has arguably surpassed all competitors in the political arena. The High Court of Israel has firmly and anti-democratically -- as the recent poll would suggest -- implanted post-Zionism into the legal/political realm and its decisions and orders touch directly on security matters and the approach to the war against the "Palestinians." While such accomplishments may draw accolades from the utopians in Europe it has cost Israel dearly. It’s simply no way to fight a war -- just ask any Israeli "cowboy."

A note about the Israel Referendum: It is a pro-Israel initiative undertaken jointly by Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and Global Israel Alliance (GIA)which is working to collect 1,000,000 signatures against a PLO state and to submit the signatures to President Bush and the Congress in the first week of October.

The referendum online ballots are at


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Hope the American public votes the same way the Israelis do. Kerry would be a disaster for Israel and America and the world.
Thanks for mentioning the Israel Referendum campaign. The NO to a "Palestinian" state votes are piling up. We're working towards that million vote count.

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