Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Likud Party: A National Disgrace and a National Disaster By Prof. Paul Eidelberg and Prof. Israel Hanukoglu

"The Likud Central Committee vote once again confirms our claim that this
party is so corrupt that there is no hope of salvaging it!

Yesterday the Likud extended the mandate of Ariel Sharon

despite his corruption;
despite his betrayal of the Likud party platform;
despite his betrayal of the voters in the January 2003 election;
despite his rejection of the Central Committee vote against his "Disengagement Plan" and
despite the deadly and vivid consequences of that Plan—the transformation of Gaza into the largest terrorist base in the world!

With this vote of its Central Committee it is now clear that the Likud is only interested in maintaining its hold on power at any price.

The Likud has no attachment to any ideology.

The Likud is no longer a party that respects its own principles, its campaign promises,or even its own decisions—for example, when it decided against bringing the Labor Party into the government.

The Likud should no longer be considered a party in the so-called National Camp,
since it is pursuing a policy of the extreme left, indeed, of Israel's enemies.

The Likud and Mr. Sharon surely deserve the congratulations of Hamas,Islamic Jihad, Fatah, al-Qaeda … and the American State Department.

Therefore, anyone within the Likud—including the so-called Jewish Leadership faction,Manhigut Yehudit—that supports this party is doing a great disservice to our nation.

We stand enforced in our judgment that a National Jewish Party committed to electoral reform and institutional change is essential to return Israel to a path of sanity."


Blogger Helen Freedman said...

Professors Eidelberg and Hanukoglu are RIGHT in their anger and disgust for the Likud party which continues to disgrace itself. Endorsing Sharon after all his betrayals of the people and the party is inexplicable and inexcusable.

10:40 PM  

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