Monday, September 26, 2005

Duck Now Praises Yossi Beilin -- Recognizes Him as "Big Duck" Challenger

Duck Now has learned that Yossi Beilin has been selling the Geneva Accord to Likudniks and Rabbis. Duck Now spokesperson, Quick 2 Duck, had this to say," Yossi Beilin is a tireless crusader for all that Duck Now stands for. Even his hairdo has that ducky look. We support him and his EU sponsors in all their efforts to turn Israel (whatever might remain of it after Geneva) into a true dhimmi-state based on the European model. Beilin, in his own quiet way, is moving in on Shimon Peres and challenging him for the title of "Big Duck." Q2D also heaped praises on those Likud members and Rabbis who have drunk the Geneva Koolaid: "These leaders have recognized that the peace between Israel and the Arabs is but a duck away."

Real Story:

"The small convoy, three cars in all, moves quickly through the clean, empty and burning hot streets of Netivot. The stickers on the cars 'Yes to an agreement,' give them away: Yossi Beilin and his troupe, the Geneva Initiative people, have come to town. Each week they visit a different city, and like old-time peddlers, they try to market their dubious, forgotten wares, and to open people's eyes to their unique qualities.

Working slowly and diligently, the long-suffering group meets week after week, winter and summer, with heads of local authorities, local council members, high schools students and factory workers. Almost a year and a half of Sisyphean work, lacking any media coverage, is taking place entirely in the paralyzing shadow of the disengagement plan, which is neutralizing thoughts of anything else.

About 45,000 people have met Beilin and his people during these encounters, but the trip last Tuesday was different for two reasons: This is the first time the program has included rabbis - Rabbi Baruch Abuhatzeira, the 'Baba Baruch,' in Netivot, and Rabbi Yigal Shriki in Ofakim. And the second reason was Yehiel Zohar, the mayor of Netivot. The Geneva people have had the opportunity to meet quite a number of elected officials and wheeler dealers in the Likud, who have expressed openness, interest and supportive curiosity regarding the model for a permanent status agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which was developed in the Swiss city in November 2003. But what they heard from Zohar, a veteran Likudnik, left them speechless. And they're not accustomed to that.

He greeted them in his office in the morning, in City Hall, which looked quite deserted for that hour. They came in a small delegation"

Full Story: Yossi Beilin Sells Geneva Initiative to Likudists, Gets Advice from Rabbi:


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