Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Peres Positioned to Pull Plug on Israel

IMRA - Wednesday, September 7, 2005 VPM Peres to be responsible for setting post-retreat security arrangements:

Israel Radio reports that the political-security cabinet has decided, per the recommendation of VPM Shimon Peres and Minister Chaim Ramon that VPM Peres will represent Israel's interests in setting arrangements for the passages between Egypt and Gaza as well as arrangements for the airport and seaport after the retreat from Gaza is completed next week.

[AL: That's not a typo - Shimon Peres.. ]

Under the arrangement Israel accepted, once the Rafah terminal is renovated under an amorphous arrangement of international observers with amorphous responsibilities and amorphous authority, people and their luggage will pass through Rafah without Israeli on-hand involvement while 'goods' would continue to move through an Israeli terminal.
Under these circumstances, until the airport and seaport open, assuming that the amorphous arrangements fail to stop weapons smuggling, smuggling will be limit to what can fit into 'luggage' (bombs, shoulder fired missiles, etc.)
Given VPM Peres' past record of concern regarding security as reflected in Oslo, it can be expected that this limitation will only interfere with weapons importation until the Gaza Airport opens in six months. At that time weapons smuggling may be limited to what can be loaded into a transport plane."


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