Tuesday, August 02, 2005


ScrappleFace: "Sudan Rape Victims Get Free Copy of UN Report
by Scott Ott
(2005-07-29) -- In another display of the value of the United Nations, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today announced that women brutally raped by Sudanese government forces would each receive a free copy of the latest report documenting the widespread, savage abuse.
'It legitimizes their suffering and lets them know that they are not alone,' said Mr. Annan, as he held aloft a copy of the 29-page report. 'This is why the United Nations is so desperately needed in today's world. We will continue to take bold action in producing reports on the rape and abuse of Sudanese women. The U.N. exists to fearlessly monitor tragic violence against oppressed people by government forces in our U.N. member states.'
One woman in Darfur, who had been sexually assaulted by an armed Sudanese law enforcement official while on an excursion to gather firewood, welcomed the free copy of the report.
'Perhaps I can use the paper to make fire,' said the unnamed rape victim. 'I only wish it was a much longer document so I wouldn't have to risk gathering wood again soon.'"


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