Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mark Levin Defends Israel After Tony Blair's Comments

Go to this link ...
and click on the audio box at the July 12th posting titled "The Libs don't get it."

You will hear some great stuff.


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Wow, first time at your blog. Great link!! Thanks so much!!!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Barry Freedman said...

Thanks! Glad you liked the link. Welcome to Israel!

11:16 PM  
Blogger MarkLevinFan said...

Thanks for the link, Barry!

4:21 PM  
Blogger Barry Freedman said...

Thank you MLF! Your blog is great! I can rarely stay up until 1:00 am to listen to Mark. Your blog saved me from missing all the Great One's stuff. Check Galileeblog now and see the Column I wrote this week where your blog is mentioned and Mark Levin is quoted at great length.

6:06 PM  

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