Friday, May 13, 2005

A Blind Eye

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

"The media kept silent, he added, when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 'lied' by saying he would accept the results of a Likud referendum on disengagement. 'The media's conspiracy of silence protected Sharon when he fired cabinet ministers who did not support disengagement,' he wrote, noting that the media also ignored the High Court's criticism of the dismissals.

'We denounced [former Minister] Benny Elon (National Union) for not immediately making himself available to receive the letter of dismissal, but we ignored the criticism of the High Court' on the firings, Shafran wrote.

'We stayed silent when Sharon formed government [policies] with an Arab majority and when he distributed bribes to the hareidim and Shinui. We said nothing when he pressured, threatened and bribed MKs with jobs so that they would support him... Where were we when the allegations of Sharon-family corruption came to light?'"


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