Sunday, February 13, 2005

FrontPage :: Capitulating to Terror by P. David Hornik

FrontPage :: Capitulating to Terror by P. David Hornik: "You wake up one morning and read that the United States has decided to deal with the insurgency in Iraq through negotiations and compromise. To show its goodwill and create what it calls a positive atmosphere, America has agreed to insurgent demands to: release a thousand imprisoned terrorists carte blanche, stop all military actions against the terrorists still in the field, and hand over several cities to complete insurgent control.
In return, the insurgents give precisely nothing: they keep all their weapons, positions, and ties to foreign powers, while making clear that the freeing of the thousand, the cessation of U.S. operations, and the handover of the cities do not even begin to satisfy their demands.
You'd be appalled. But shift a little westward on the Middle East map, and this is exactly what is happening in the Israeli-Palestinian sphere."


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