Monday, October 25, 2004

Remember Spitzer's Threat?

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion:

Just prior to the RNC he threatened the GOP not to "milk" 9/11. Is the current investigation his revenge?

"October 25, 2004 -- State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sure has good timing. Maybe too good.
Right on the eve of the presidential election, Spitzer dropped a bombshell on Wall Street, charging the nation's biggest insurers and brokerage houses with bid-rigging, fraud and deception.
The Dow had already dipped below 10,000, and when Spitzer's charge sent insurance stocks plummeting (shares of Marsh & McClennan, the nation's top broker, lost nearly half their value, or about $11 billion), the slide continued.
Friday, the Dow closed at 9,757.81 � down 108, to an 11-month low. "


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