Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Column: Sukkot

It looks like we are at the beginning of another wave of terror.

The attack at French Hill by a 19 year old female islamo-kazi that left 2 dead and 16 wounded was followed by the killing of three soldiers and the wounding of a fourth when terrorists penetrated the southern Gaza community of Morag. This was followed by yet more mortars falling on the western Negev town of Sderot that caused light injuries, anxiety and hysteria.

Encouraged by PM Sharon's determination to go ahead with the "disengagement" plan, the local terrorists may be planning to keep step with the heightened threats of Osama bin Laden on America. Bin Laden is apparently hoping to pull off another Madrid before the November elections and get a "sensitive" administration into the White House.

It won't work.

The latest beheadings of two Americans in Iraq by Zarkawi have only made an angry America angrier. Kerry's latest "position" on Iraq has not helped him in the polls which have strengthened steadily since the GOP convention in New York City. The CBS/Dan Rather/Joe Lockhart/Bill Burkett scandal is just beginning to completely unfold and where it will leave Kerry is a matter of speculation that probably has him up nights.

The debates that are upcoming are being billed as a match of heavyweights. I think that President Bush will bury Senator Kerry. Without knowing what the format is, it seems to me that asking Kerry some form of the following question might cause his wiring to frazzle:

"You have been criticized for flip flopping on issues and casting yourself in different ways at different times regarding things you have done in the past. Is there anything you have said or done that you regret?"

If Kerry says "no" then he looks enormously arrogant and deceitful considering the fact that he has contradicted himself so many times on many an issue. An iota of humility would demand the admission of some error somewhere at sometime, but I suspect it would not be forthcoming, bringing to light the true nature of his makeup.

If, on the other hand, he says "yes" he is immediately caught in a tangle of contradictions and lies that may make him wish he was still in Cambodia -- or not -- or near by. It just looks like a swamp to me. Just how will he answer any question without contradicting himself?

That brings us to President Bush's Speech at the UN. I listened to it over the Internet.

Bush addressed that silent crowd of thugs and told them exactly what he has been telling Americans since the beginning of the WOT. He laid it out on the table and spoke of such things as democracy and good and evil and he even finished by saying "G-d bless you." In short, he said to the world that he believes in America and democracy and the bible and that he will see the war through until the enemy is defeated. He never wavered. He is who he is.

Of course, I take exception to some of President Bush's remarks regarding Israel. His repeating of the offer to reward the "Palestinians" with a state within the land of Israel for their embracing some form of democracy is wrong. It is wrong because even if the "Palestinians" were to find their own version of Thomas Jefferson to lead them, the 1967 borders are not defensible and wars can and have erupted between democracies. One of the important arguments made in the Federalist Papers for the need for a Union was to avoid just that possibility between the democratic States -- and the States had a history of friendship and cooperation -- not war.

President Bush also unfortunately misses the point that just as concessions to terror worldwide only encourage it, all of Israel's concessions do precisely the same thing. For Bush to apply different logic when addressing Israel looks like a double standard and sends the wrong message to terrorists everywhere who are encouraged by any concessions anywhere and especially in Israel.
Writing now, on erev Yom Kippur, an article that will appear on erev Sukkot, I want to wish everyone a Chag Samayach. May the holiday bring us all the joy and peace we hope for.


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