Monday, August 09, 2004

Regarding the Sensitivity of Kerry's Multilateralist Heart

Jonah Goldberg on the Kerry Doctrine on National Review Online:

Here is a quote from Jonah Goldberg's piece:

"The New Republic's Peter Beinart recently wrote, 'Intellectually, Kerry knows he must show he'd go after the terrorists with a vengeance. But that's not where his heart lies. The topic that arouses his greatest passion � the one that has guided his entire career � is improving America's relations with the world.' In his 1997 book, Kerry called for the creation of an 'entirely new, multilateral code of behavior.' In 1993, during the confirmation hearings for Warren Christopher, Kerry called for 'an all-out effort to strengthen international institutions.' Two years later, Kerry broke with many Senate Democrats and voted against lifting the Bosnian arms embargo, mostly because he wanted Europeans to like us. The Washington Post reported that when Bill Clinton called America the 'indispensable nation' in his second inaugural address, Kerry lamented Clinton's 'arrogant, obnoxious tone.'"


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