Thursday, July 29, 2004

Post-Zionism's Latest Gift to Israel's Security

An analysis of "Barak's fence"  -- the new "security fence" -- by Debka.  
"Palestinian terrorists will therefore retain unimpeded access to the following key locations in central Israel:

The Rosh Ha’Ayin conurbation (30 km northeast of Tel Aviv) south of Highway 5; the residential-industrial block of Shoham, Elad, and Beit Arie, as well as Ben Gurion international airport , Israel Air Industries and the urban center of Modi’in that depend on Highway 444 , plus the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway 443 .

All the locations on this list will remain dangerously unprotected against - and within range of -Palestinian mortars and Qassam missiles, as well as suicide bombers. So too will the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway 1.

Should West Bank Palestinians decided to launch simultaneous barrages against the segments of Highways 443 and 1 under their guns, they can cut Jerusalem off from the rest of the country, leaving it dependent on the old, narrow, winding 395 route through Ain Karem. "

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