Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Column: Beacon of Islamo-fascism?

Could Gaza become the great symbol and beacon of militant Islam and unnecessarily extend the war on terror?

It is, after all -- regardless of the meaning or outcome of the latest violence -- the place where terrorism is best achieving it’s goals. The EU supports terrorism there and so does the UN -- calling it by other names. Only the United States and Israel have reservations, but not enough to stop both countries from supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state there and in Judea and Samaria, and thus rewarding and encouraging terrorists.

Militant Islam needs this beacon because it is a paper tiger. This has been proven daily since the beginning of the war on terror. In Afghanistan, the numbers of Taliban fighters who turned coat when they got a taste of American military might and switched sides was a major factor in bringing the war to a quick and decisive end. This happened in the face of dire threats and warnings by the press about the courage and spirit of these mountain fighters. It was said that American soldiers had no way of defeating them in their own high and remote territories and networks of hidden caves. All that turned out to be nonsense as these fighters caved in and flipped sides.

Looking back to the wars in Israel one can see similar implosions in the spirit of jihad. After the Six Day War the Arabs in Israel were docile for years. The same was true after the war of Independence in 1948. The Arab League had told the local Arabs to leave before the war and that they would come back when Israel was no more. Israel won the war and chased down those Arabs and brought them back as a super humanitarian gesture. The Arabs were afraid at first to come back -- sure that they would be slaughtered -- and lived timidly for years.

Today, Islamo -- fascists are on the run and they lower their heads everywhere in the face of the threat of American military might. Kaddafi has humbled himself. Osama bin Laden’s comrades in arms have begun turning themselves in -- taking advantage of a Saudi Arabian amnesty deal.
There remains perhaps only one great hope for them, one symbol and one beacon -- within the boundaries of "Greater Israel." With no foreseen threat by way of American intervention on even the farthest horizon and Israel preparing to "unilaterally withdraw" -- expelling 8,000 of its own citizens and accepting defeat even while ridiculously calling it a "victory" -- the weakness that Islamo-fascism breeds upon is available in great quantities. That weakness -- that lack of threat -- is the lifeblood of the jihadists. Until that weakness is replaced by overwhelming force or the imminent and palatable threat thereof, terrorism will continue unabated against Israel and there is even the great danger that it will become much worse as the jihadists focus on their softest target. In turn, this softness and any success could encourage the global jihadists in their greater aims, indefinitely and unnecessarily prolonging the necessity for the war on terror.

As long as the Islamo -- fascists know that there is a safe house inside "Greater Israel" they will take advantage of it, but more than that. It will become the symbol of their struggle. With EU and UN backing and US and Israeli ambivalence it will become their final hope for defeating the West -- settling and focusing temporarily on the limited goal of destroying Israel they will look to regroup and strengthen themselves for their greater, global goal.

With the Israeli government acting in ways that are causing a growing combination of despair and disbelief amongst its citizens, appeals need to be made to the American administration to avoid the hypocrisy of supporting the creation of what will certainly become a terrorist state while carrying out a war on terror. This argument has certainly been made and needs to be repeated. However, it might also be argued that the creation of a Palestinian state will severely harm and extend the war on terror if as a symbol and beacon of hope and success it helps keep militant Islam alive.


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